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The pioneers of the new world

At and On Est Prêt we had a common vision of the desirable future. By imagining 2040, we wanted to give more value to “ us ” than to “I”, it is the collective that has reshaped our ways of life: we share, we reconnect with others, and with ourselves through solidarity . To achieve this: get out of your comfort zone, meet, dare, innovate and co-create to radiate the power of us. We are convinced that the engine of all this collective momentum is joy. Why ? Because it is the positive emotions that give the little flick necessary to act. And once the momentum is engaged, it in turn brings us joy, and the virtuous circle comes alive.

Regeneration and abundance

On food, a new vision:

  • Meetings : visiting market gardeners near us or visiting vineyards (are you interested? Write to us at , we'll take you on our adventures!)
  • Experiences : by spending more time in agricultural environments such as:

the harvest from the end of August - September depending on the region. You can easily lend a hand to farmers and apply to Oé winegrowers, for example. Harvesting generally takes place between August and the end of September. Do not hesitate to write to us if you would like more information on the subject.

organic market gardening during particularly dense crop establishment periods (particularly late winter/early spring), as well as summer vegetable harvest periods (particularly July). There is a peak of work from April to October, with winter generally being a quieter time. Some farms offer customers the option of directly harvesting the plants they want and thus benefit from reduced prices.

we experience nature again! This allows us to better perceive the wonders of our local environment before wanting to discover what is happening in other countries. It also allows us to know where the product comes from, by whom it was grown, to retrace the path from the ground to the plate, while having the possibility of participating in the cultivation or harvesting...

  • Supply of local, organic, seasonal and short circuit products. And also discover permaculture, participate in garden-forest projects... Take an interest in the nutritional value of food: Food Scanner
  • Biodiversity by creating refuges for biodiversity, such as an LPO refuge , on the balcony, in the garden or on any other land to be revitalised.

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Sobriety and shared uses

We have outmoded possession and adopted a way of life that is part of the collaborative economy, by promoting practices that are based on the sharing or pooling of goods, services, knowledge or spaces, such as:

  • collaborative and participatory supermarkets (see this map )
  • the rental of clothes or goods on MyTroc , the Swopr or Swouitch app, Indigo and E-Loue


Donation, reuse and recycling

A simple way to avoid waste and promote reuse is to give to those who may need it. Neuroscience has shown that the gift is the one and only source of pleasure that does not diminish the more it is repeated (read this article ). Giving is therefore above all a joy.

This is why we participate in the emergence of:

In 2040, material and food donations have become automatic for most of us. We think collectively before thinking personally. And on a daily basis, it changes our lives. These surges of solidarity create other virtuous opportunities, allow us to learn from each other and inspire ever more action. All these seeds sown since 2021 are now bearing fruit. In addition to allowing us to consume more responsibly, it allows us to strengthen the links between us and others, which has boosted the BIB (the famous Gross Inner Happiness) of our beautiful planet.

Innovation in open source

Collaborative platforms allowing the sharing, processing and management of files, documents and other types of data between several users and/or systems:, Wrike, Mailjet, Slack, Livestrom and others .

We use Free Colibris Tools : free, decentralized web services that respect your privacy and free licensed media .

New governances

Exit the chef who decides for everyone! Shared governance provides a framework for deciding on the collectively desired and shared rules of life. Everyone is required to respect these rules but everyone has the power to propose to improve, modify, change these rules.

• Holacracy > Hummingbirds talk about it here

The university of us / Igi partners

Do you have other ideas to share with us? Write to us at!

And if you want to know more about the thoughts that went through us with the On Est Prêt team, we suggest you take a look here and there !

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Un menu du chef Matthieu Chambrier pour noël

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Un Noël simple, c’est quoi exactement ?

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