Nos 10 meilleures idées de cadeaux positifs !

Our top 10 positive gift ideas!

Giving a gift is both brilliant and never so simple at the same time. Here are our top 10 ideas for meaningful gifts!

1 . Tomorrow movie

With the team, we really enjoyed the film Demain. Quite simply because we share the ideas and values ​​conveyed by this film. We even went to meet Cyril Dion, one of the directors in Lyon! Tomorrow makes us think, it challenges each of us in our way of life. The film Demain shows that “everywhere in the world, solutions exist”.

To offer this film is to make you want to do even more: to get into selective sorting, to change energy supplier, to take the bike more often, to favor our local producers...

2 . The Oé box

Obviously ! We are very proud of this Oé box! This is the ideal gift for your loved ones who love wines that are both good and healthy: wines produced by real winegrowers, delivered free of charge within 24 hours in a beautiful box with a personalized note.

Oé: do good with good, uncork good organic wines !
Oé: do good with good, uncork good organic wines! For "Christmas", don't be wise, be committed!

3 . Just a plant

Because giving a pretty green plant is giving a touch of nature to those you love, and that really makes you happy. Having a plant at work or at home means feeling the positive influence it gives off, thinking about the person who gave it to us.

We have a Dracanea in the office and we love to take care of it: we prefer to work in a super positive and friendly environment. It's now been proven that plants are good for your health.

4 . The book “Invent tomorrow”

Many are content to imagine what our society will become tomorrow. Others, like Isaac Getz, Nicolas Hulot, Elon Musk have already started to act.

To offer Inventing tomorrow is to make one of your loved ones discover 20 possible ideas to make our world more responsible, more positive, healthier, fairer, happier; and that, we love.

5 . A Trudon candle

Lighting a natural and scented candle is taking time for yourself, it's asking yourself to think, and we think that's really important. It is also making sure to be at home, to enjoy, to relax.

A Trudon candle is not just a simple candle, it is also and above all the oldest wax factory in the world and a Royal factory! The hardest part is making your choice. WE made ours: it's Trianon!

6 . Letter paper

It's obvious: receiving a letter is a thousand times warmer to the heart than reading a simple email. And if you take the time to write beautiful letters to your loved ones, or simply offer them a nice stationery to invite them to write to you!

We offer you a very simple paper, by the Compagnie du Kraft, producer since 1930 of notebooks.

7 . An Arpin throw

When you think of a plaid, you see yourself comfortably installed by the fireplace with a good book and a good glass of Oé wine. Offer this moment to one of your loved ones, there is nothing better! In addition to all this, the Arpin house manufactures its own products, in the depths of the Alps, with the wool of sheep from the neighboring mountain pastures. For that alone, we appreciate it!

8 . Zero waste by Béa Johnson

If you don't know Béa Johnson (yet), it's time to discover her Zero Waste book. This Frenchwoman living in the United States made the bet to considerably reduce her waste on a daily basis, and it is successful! Its motto: refuse, reduce, reuse, recycle, compost. This book will bring you 1000 tips to switch to zero waste mode and will show you that yes it is possible!

9 . A vegetable garden!

To offer a vegetable garden is to surprise your loved ones with an original gift. It is also a gesture for farmers, local producers, and for the environment and that, we like. At Oé, we appreciate gifts that make sense, those that come from local productions and that respect people and the Earth. Offering a selection of good and healthy fruits and vegetables grown with love is a gift that really pleases. And it's also an opportunity to share delicious meals with your loved ones. We join!

10 . A Parrot smart potty

Who says plant, says vase, and not just any! This connected pot is perfect for those who go on vacation with the concern of keeping their plants beautiful and healthy all year round. Your plant gets just the right amount of water, just what it needs. And in addition to all this, Parrot Pot is committed to planting a tree in Ethiopia, in the Tigray region. At Oé, we appreciate when an approach is sound and clear right to the end.

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