Nos 3 marketplaces coup de coeur

Our 3 favorite marketplaces

You probably know them, but that doesn't stop us from telling you about them today to tell you why we love them! In the spotlight today, we're talking to you about The Trust Society , We Dress Fair and Kazidomi marketplaces , to make you want to consume less and better, and why not find your best gift ideas for your moms and dads (you don't Didn't forget Mother's Day and Father's Day . Here we go!

The Trust Society, the zero waste online store

The Trust Society is the zero waste online store that replaces your everyday products - for a zero waste kitchen and bathroom - with the best sustainable alternatives. Everything is Made In France, without packaging and delivered to you without carbon.

To discover them (if you haven't already), we suggest you take a look at their instagram page @thetrustsociety . They offer you explanations on the products, DIY to make your own household products for example, and unravel the consequences of so-called conventional products on the environment.

Visit The Trust Society

Team The Trust Society

Let's talk little, let's talk numbers: according to ADEME, every French person produces 568 kilos of household waste every year, twice as much as 40 years ago... A figure that makes you think when you know that the planet and the climate n don't wait. Let's be a little more optimistic: more and more of you want more ecological products that respect the earth and people. And that is a great victory in the eyes of all the brands involved!

Instagram The Trust Society

We Dress Fair, the responsible fashion boutique

You remember ? We did an Instagram live during the week of Green Friday with Marie, the co-founder of We Dress Fair . Whether in the store located on the slopes of Croix-Rousse or on their online site, We Dress Fair is the responsible fashion partner to always keep in mind .

Marie Nguyen, founder of We Dress Fair

The team offers comparisons and analyzes to guide you through the fashion jungle, so that you buy your clothes with full awareness and dress in style while respecting the planet as much as possible. We're not going to lie to each other, the fashion industry is one of the most polluting, and the goal of We Dress Fair is to offer you trendy and responsible clothes. Cannon, right?

Check out their latest posts to learn more about your favorite brands here

Website We Dress Fair

Kazidomi, the marketplace for eating healthy and good

We also did a live with her, and we love her state of mind, we are of course talking about Emna !

Emna Everard, Kazidomi organic marketplace

She set up Kazidomi 5 years ago (like us at Oé). The online site offers organic products, mostly local. They are labeled B Corp (again like us!), which pushes them to always push the envelope further to combine economic performance and social and environmental commitment. Emna and its team make it a point of honor to rigorously select the products offered and reduce their ecological footprint . They launched their brand to offer lower prices without sacrificing quality by cutting out unnecessary intermediaries . Enough to highlight local producers who share the same values ​​as the team. Have you ever tested Kazidomi?

We suggest you take a look at their site

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