Notre engagement B Corp avec toute l’équipe Oé

Our B Corp commitment with the entire Oé team

The B Corp label is a certification that shows that we are committed to doing our business, a business for the common good. Many beautiful companies also have this label such as Picture Organic Clothing, Nature & Découvertes, Big Mamma, Bjorg Bonneterre and company, Patagonia, and many others. Good to know: B Corp is also a mutual aid movement between certified companies. We are more than 100 in France currently and the number continues to increase. So if you want to join the movement, go for it!

Our desire to obtain B Corp certification in 2017

Oé at the time was still called PinotBleu, and we were keen to embark on the B Corp adventure, a year after being born. It was Camille, our former marketing manager, who took care of coordinating the first steps. After conscientiously completing the 200-question questionnaire, implementing better actions for our beautiful company to flourish better and find meaning in its actions, we received the B Corp endorsement in September 2017 with a total of 82 points (note: to obtain certification, a minimum of 80 points is required).

Our recertification in 2020 and how we managed the improvements

Today, it is Emilie who takes up the torch and oversees the questionnaire, which is reread and validated by the team before submitting it again. Since our certification, the questionnaire has evolved a lot. It is more demanding, and that is where B Corp's interest lies: pushing us to progress and always do better . For 3 years, we have also evolved and implemented new actions. We have switched to green energy and track our energy consumption, we use green products to clean our offices , we have set up compost in our condominium, and in addition, we have also chosen to prepare our meals from team together every day with organic, local and bulk products , etc. In fact, all these actions allow us to gain points in the certification and to improve daily on our involvement . And even if the project is piloted by Emilie, this year the whole team got their hands dirty reading the questionnaire. The idea is to involve each member of the team so that everyone feels responsible for the actions implemented and offers ideas for actions to be implemented.

Our B Corp shares that serve our business

We created Oé to promote sustainable viticulture, to show everyone that we can drink organic and GOOD. Oé wines are certified by an independent ZERO PESTICIDE laboratory, the bottles coming from the deposit as much as possible, we have decided to remove the capsule made of a mixture of plastic, glue and aluminum. Our boxes are produced 40 km from Lyon and are 100% recycled and recyclable. In short, we wanted a product that, from content to container, does everything possible for the environment and the people around it. This is the B Corp mission.

The whole team's B Corp shares

Within the team, everyone is committed. We come to the office by transport and by bicycle. And since the health episode of the coronavirus, we are teleworking. At the start of confinement, we took stock of everyone's working methods and habits, then we made a list of environmentally friendly suppliers available to everyone so that they could continue to reproduce or set up the right products at home. “green” gestures). The whole team shares the same values: eating organic and healthy, buying in bulk and above all locally. Having such a committed team is of course a strength for certification!

So see you in September to find out the results and our progress! ;-)

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