Oé aux Deauville Green Awards

Oé at the Deauville Green Awards

Oé, do you know the Deauville Green Awards ? With the team, we have the honor of being a partner of the Responsible International Film Festival ! Come with us and immerse yourself in the world of this festival, let's go!

Thomas at the Deauville Green Awards

What are the Deauville Green Awards?

You may not know what the Deauville Green Awards are, and we are not throwing stones at you Pierre, quite the contrary, we are happy to present them to you.

Deauville is a destination of choice for going on vacation by the sea and enjoying a moment of escape. Against all expectations, this city is not on the west coast or on the shores of the Mediterranean, but between Caen and Le Havre. Yes, it is in the cool water of the English Channel that the Deauvillais invite you to join them for an invigorating bath. Apart from its magnificent beaches, the well-known “planches de Deauville”, having fun at the mythical casino and admiring the horses galloping during horse races, Deauville is above all an unmissable place for the cinema .

For a long time, almost 50 years, the American Film Festival has been held in Deauville , welcoming renowned actors and directors such as Clint Eastwood, Robert De Niro, Julia Roberts, George Clooney and John Travolta . That's for sure it makes beautiful people, but eco responsibility in all this, where is it?

Precisely, this is when the Deauville Green Awards festival comes into play, and this year, we are celebrating the tenth edition. To present it to you, we thought it best to give the floor to Agnès, responsible for the communication of this event whom we had the chance to meet:

The Deauville Green Awards is the responsible international film festival. A major exchange platform for the profession, the event receives each year more than 500 films from around the world on ecological and social responsibility subjects, within its three competitions: commercials, awareness films and documentary films.

This year we are celebrating the 10th anniversary of the festival in Deauville in the city's brand new cultural building, Les Franciscaines, and extending the fun online! Audiovisual professionals will thus be able to choose online accreditation to be able to watch the films and follow the conferences and highlights of the edition from their couch. To widely mobilize around environmental issues, we have also chosen to open three flagship meetings to the general public in the form of live social networks Facebook and Youtube.

An eco-responsible festival with various activities

Rome was not built in a day and we can imagine that to design the world of tomorrow, we will need a little time. On the other hand, from now on, we can take action, reflect on current problems, develop solutions for the future and bring together actors of change to move forward together in the same (good if possible) direction.

During the Deauville Green Awards, we are therefore not only spectators but also actors. Don't worry, we're not asking you to take Clooney's place in his next film, to be an actor at the Deauville Green Awards is to act for the world of tomorrow. In addition to film screenings, the organization has planned a fine program, punctuated by talk shows, interviews, round tables and responsible workshops.

PS: for gourmands and partygoers, there are also cocktails and “beach parties” planned!

Oh partner, why?

When it comes to getting your hands dirty and wine in a glass for the planet, Oé is never far away. For the whole team, the missions, events and initiatives that serve responsible consumption and environmental awareness are very important to us. To be honest with you, we also have moviegoers on the team, including Thomas in logistics, not to mention him, so to be a partner of an event like the Deauville Green Awards was a bit like a no-brainer.

Certainly in the team we are full of hidden talents, Gaëlle makes very good cookies, Thomas does Superman on his bike and Damien in duet with Charlotte ignites the dancefloor, but that's not what we were going to be able to support the project. On the other hand, we have up our sleeves, well especially in our warehouse, very good bottles of organic wine!

What is an event like the Deauville Green Awards without its cocktail? Clearly it's a must, and this year it's good organic Oé wine that guests will have the chance to taste!

Oe wine

Don't worry, we've got you covered. If you also want to enjoy our good organic, vegan and pesticide-free wines, take a look at our site . Treat yourself to our selection of red wines , white wines and rosé wines !

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