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Oé becomes a company with a mission

Thomas and Fx often tell us with a Franco-French accent, “I have a dream, that one day, we will consume less but better!”. Behind these tunes of Martin Luther King , our two co-founders are convinced that together we can make things happen and that thanks to , we can promote sustainable viticulture and responsible consumption . As actions are sometimes worth more than words, we decided to write our environmental mission in wrought iron on our statutes by becoming a Mission Company . Follow us, we explain everything to you.

A company with a mission, kesako?

That's right, how could a company have a mission, and what does that mean?

A company makes it possible to contribute to the country's economy and also to support citizens (employees), who receive a salary in exchange for their work. So far, nothing new under the sun.

In addition to its objective of profitability to continue, the company has rights and obligations but we will spare you the details because it is very boring. In any case, one thing is certain, nothing obliges a company to have a social or environmental mission . It's a shame my dear Watson because it means that a company can grow without taking into account the general interest , the well-being of the population and the health of nature , beyond the salary it pays. every month to its employees. Of course, they can do it, and some do, very well indeed, but nothing obliges them to do so.

All this is ancient history because since May 22, 2019, the PACTE law has introduced social and environmental objectives into a company . When a company becomes a Company with a Mission , it adds a social or environmental objective to its statutes . The societal and environmental objectives are therefore no longer secondary but primary, they are at the heart of the company and are part of the project. We write black on white, sometimes we also use a blue pen but it is less common, the raison d'être of the company . It is generally all the actors of the structure who together define the mission , in connection with the culture of the company , to give a course to follow . As we often say, alone we go faster, together we go further. So to define a mission for the common good and the planet , it is better to bring together all the available brains and find the best possible project.

You probably know the Patagonia brand , its mythical logo and its trendy clothes. Patagonia is also, if not above all, known for being the reference in terms of CSR (corporate social responsibility) , which offers collections from recycled materials and which spreads a positive message , geared towards more responsible consumption . Thomas, the co-founder of Oé is a fan of it, he is dressed in it from head to toe, you sometimes even wonder if his socks also come from there. All this to tell you that Patagonia is also guided by a mission , here it is: “To manufacture quality products with the least possible impact on the environment, and to encourage the business world to implement solutions to stem the environmental crisis.”

Inspirational isn't it? In any case, that's what we said to ourselves, especially since at Oé , that's what we've always done. To offer you good organic, vegan and pesticide-free wine . So we said to ourselves: “Company at Mission, why not us!”

Oé becomes a company with a mission

Why become a company with a mission?

Since 2017 we have been certified B-Corp for our greatest happiness. In the world of start-ups and committed companies , being a B-Corp is a real goal because it allows us to improve every day in our commitments . We are very proud to be labeled B-Corp for more than 3 years and to have been recertified in September 2020. For us, this is a driving force to move towards more sustainable solutions with working conditions and a framework of pleasant life .

We talk to you in more detail about our labeling in this article.

But then, if we have all the keys in hand to move towards a better world, why become a Mission Company ?

And if we took an example to talk about it, would you like it? Let's say that Oé is like a boat (with a sail of course). The B-Corp label is like a friend, with it, we improve our boat, we do the mechanical overhauls, we reorganize the interior and we take care of the crew. In short, thanks to B-Corp , we question ourselves every day and we constantly challenge ourselves to find solutions that are ever more adapted to the problems of tomorrow.

Having a boat is good, maintaining and improving it is even better, but then what is missing? A cap of course! We've always known our course but we've never really written it down. Sailing towards a more responsible world is the credo of our adventure, and like good captains of a ship, Thomas and François-Xavier, our two co-founders said to themselves that we had to define and write our course in black and white.

Referring to the stars to move forward is nice, but sometimes it makes us deviate and we risk catching an iceberg and sinking. Apparently, it has already happened to the beefiest of boats (in reference to the Titanic of course), we say that we say nothing. And since we want to take you with us to land on a land where biodiversity lives in harmony with the man who knew how to learn to consume less, but better , we thought we had to draw our map.


So there you have it, after a lot of thought, discussion and above all excitement, the entire Oé team is very happy to announce that we have become a company with a mission , that our course appears in the company's statutes and that the we are officially sailing towards a better world!

And to be aligned with our mission , we have set ourselves objectives :

  • Offer organic and zero pesticide products
  • Build our offer around zero waste
  • Deploy the Oé Program for biodiversity

What does it change for Oé?

Well for Oé it hardly changes anything. Why ? Because since our beginnings, we have operated as a Company with a Mission , and our mission is to promote sustainable and responsible agriculture , to address environmental issues and to find solutions for healthier and more respectful consumption .

Becoming a Mission Company is therefore both the culmination of everything we have done since our beginnings, but above all it helps us to stay the course, to remember why we are here and what our role is. We will therefore continue to manage to offer you more sustainable solutions , in accordance with our values , such as when we decided to change our bottles , to put the deposit back in place on a national scale or even to venture into the world of bulk with our partner Jean Bouteille .

Emilie, our marketing manager also takes on the role of mission committee . By writing our environmental mission in our statutes , our role is no longer unofficial but official and Emilie makes sure that everything goes well. She keeps an eye on the direction Oé is taking and ensures that our societal and environmental objectives are respected.

The whole team is happy with this new turn because becoming a Mission Company reinforces our convictions , gives even more meaning to what we do and it is a new page in the book of that is being written . . We are very proud to become Entreprise à Mission and we hope you like it too.

Want to get on board? Do not hesitate to send us your feedback, your convictions, your doubts and your ambitions on our networks and at our address

As the good sailor that you are, you also have the right to relax with a good glass of red wine , white wine or rosé wine , committed from the cork to the foot . All our wines are organic, vegan and pesticide-free to suit everyone, even the planet!

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