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Oé unveils its new committed bottles

Last September, we announced our name change to Oé with our first three organic wines (a red, a rosé and a white) produced hand in hand with our Oé winegrowers. In parallel with the presentation of our wines, we were already working on the new bottles with all the feedback you gave us during your tastings. It is therefore with pride and happiness that we unveil our ten new cuvées and a new website. We dreamed of something simpler, to offer you the best of wine and all this under the same name: Oé!

The story of our bottles (September 2019 to May 2020)

When it came to bottling our new cuvées, we asked ourselves the question of how to offer a more committed bottle, more respectful of the environment. We first started by taking your feedback and thoughts on the top three wines from last September.

Your feedback allowed us to highlight that you wanted:

  1. a more present brand that approaches the world of wine while dusting it off
  2. 100% recycled paper labels
  3. lighter bottles from recycling

Oé wines

In addition to your feedback, we wanted to go further. After many surveys to find out if you were ready to open a wine without a cap and with a divisive design to adorn your bottles, we came to the following conclusions: more than half of you were in favor of bottles without a cap if they harm to the environment and we were inspired by your ideas for the design, taking into account the “constraints” of 100% recycled and recyclable labels.

We wanted to push the envelope further by offering you as many bottles as possible from the deposit. This is a first step for the moment, and we hope, for the next wines, to be able to extend this service to everyone!

A committed bottle from A to Z

No capsules. More than 90% of the wines on the market have an aluminum complex capsule: a fabulous mixture of aluminum, glue and plastic. The capsules in question are obviously not recyclable, in short, the cata! For the others, they are made of pewter (taken from quarries) or plastic wax (which cannot be recycled either). The choice, after your approval on social networks, was final: we will not put a capsule on our Oé wines!

The FSC cap. The Oé stopper is made of natural cork, from an FSC forest in Portugal (forests that respect strict specifications in terms of ecology). It absorbed 302g of CO2 in nature .

The recycled and recyclable label . The label is made of recycled paper, is not bleached with chlorine (Elemental Chlorine Free) and can be recycled once your bottle has been tasted.

Oé wine is a ZERO pesticide*, organic and GOOD wine! Do the test for yourself ;-) *tested on 425 molecules by an independent laboratory

“Environmental-friendly” glue . The label glue is water soluble. It is easily removed and is not harmful to the environment. And cap on the bottle, the support on which it is glued before dressing the bottles is reused for future labels.

The recycled bottle . It is optimized for transport: we put 750 bottles per pallet (the maximum number for wine bottles). It weighs only 405g and comes from the deposit as much as possible. The deposit makes it possible to save 33% of water compared to a new manufactured bottle, to reduce the energy spent by 76% and to produce 79% less greenhouse gases. The team also chose that the traffic jam be local, 60km from Lyon in the Pierres Dorées.

From the base to the neck of the bottle, we wanted to offer you a consistent 360° experience. We are already working on the next improvements to go even further in ecological reasoning and push our commitment.

Our areas of improvement for future bottles and new cuvées Oé

Oé, we are already working on the improvements we want to make to our bottles and that we could put in place today, such as using 100% bottles from the deposit and returnable in turn once your bottles have been emptied . We are also thinking about using vegetable ink for the labels, reducing the size of the labels, and many other ideas that we will reveal to you later.

The 10 new organic and committed wines are sent in 100% recycled and recyclable boxes and delivered within 24 to 48 hours in France and Europe . Delivery costs are free from 6 bottles. A bit like at the winemaker ;-)

Visit to discover them!

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