Oé, la cuvée qui s’engage pour la biodiversité !

Oé, the cuvée that is committed to biodiversity!

We went to meet Adèle and Maxime, talented artists from Atelier Bingo . It is with them that we have chosen to imagine a bottle of Oé organic wine in a limited edition to celebrate the biodiversity . Here it is, here it is! And now, let's meet our artists with whom we designed this bottle.

Côtes-du-Rhône Bingo Workshop

“Oe! Every day, we marvel at the winegrowers with whom we work hand in hand, at their way of getting involved in the vineyard on a daily basis. They set up nesting boxes for bats, nests for chickadees, shelters for swallows. They plant flora that will both aerate the soil and delight the bees, while making sure to work the land so that the deer and rabbits feel good there. They are inspired by living things to give the soil the best nutrients, and take particular care of each vine stock. To invest alongside them, we devote 1% of our turnover to the Oé Program for biodiversity. Bingo! All of this made us want to imagine a bottle in the colors of nature, of life, reflecting the beauty of biodiversity through our eyes and those of Adèle and Maxime from Atelier Bingo.” The Oe team

Tell us about Atelier Bingo: the meeting, your artistic crush and the choice of name

“We met Adèle at school between 2007 and 2010 and at the end of our studies we moved to Paris, I worked in a communication agency as a graphic designer and Adèle worked as a graphic designer also but as a freelancer in publishing. After a year, we quickly realized that we weren't going to put our suitcases in Paris and we had the opportunity to go into a very large workshop accommodation in Vendée in the countryside in a rehabilitated old factory. It was quite a magical place with a very large workshop. And there were several studio-housings with artists and craftsmen. That's when we started working together around the screen printing and to look for a common writing, something that speaks to Adèle and me. Officially, Atelier Bingo was created in 2013 because we shared our life, the workshop and the same job. It was kind of obvious.

Why Atelier Bingo ? It's linked to several reasons and to the feeling (laughs). At first, we left a lot of room for chance, we drew very instinctively, we never really knew when the visual was going to be good or was going to be finished. There was a bit of this risky side, the “Bingo” when we agreed with the finality. As soon as we liked, bingo, the turn was played! And then the second reason is that there was a dog in the workshop called Bingo. Coincidence or not, we had found our name.

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What inspires you on a daily basis?

“We have a daily routine that we have set up, we have a dog, we live in the countryside, we walk a lot, we are often outside, so everyday life in itself inspires us. The forms of everyday life inspire us. It can be our garden, the interior, walks and discussions with neighbors. Anyway, it always revolves around our daily lives.

As far as the materials and materials we use are concerned, we arrived very simply on paper because we were originally trained as graphic designers and we worked in printing, so paper is something we master. . It was out of the question for us to start making canvases, which is a material that we knew absolutely nothing about. It was quite instinctive.”

Creation of the visual collaboration atelier bingo x Oé

How do you work with Adèle?

“We divide our activity into several areas: we have a pole artistic more free and personal that is tied around the collage. It's the same, collage happened a bit simply when we looked for a common writing style with Adèle and when we used scissors and paper, we didn't recognize each other's styles, and we could create a common unity, a homogeneity.

And then otherwise we have a screen printing pole : we edit some of our images in screen printing, we print at home in an artisanal way. We are working on very small series of 20 copies on micro-publishing markets, for exhibitions or online.

And finally, the commercial center where brands and companies come to see us to make illustrations. Over time, we lost our status as graphic designers. As a general rule, we are mainly called for illustration.”

Creation of the visual collaboration atelier bingo x Oé

How did the project with Oé go?

“This project went very smoothly. It was pleasant, we understood each other very quickly. What happened is that Thomas came across one of our books on which we illustrated a vision of the sky seen by a child. And in this book he was looking at with his daughters, he came across a double page that spoke to him. He suggested that we work together on a similar visual for floral, around biodiversity, bees, birds, and all this profusion of nature. We quickly agreed on one of the visuals we proposed. The watchword was biodiversity .

This visual is basically made up of shapes cut out of paper that we then scanned and composed on the computer. It is totally manual work and formatted on a computer. At first, we thought we were going with a blue background, but with the feedback we got with the Oé team, we ended up proposing the visual rather with variations of green and this pink, on which with Adèle we had A real favorite. When we saw the bottle of red organic wine , we found that the choice of the pink background was once again obvious. Pink is a variation of the color red, and it's warmer, more delicious on a table than the color green. Bingo was the right choice!

We work a lot on chance. We start straight away without knowing where we are going, we try things, we are experimenting all the time, without really thinking ahead with sketches. We multiply the illustrations to find what we like.”

Creation of the visual collaboration atelier bingo x Oé

Who do you like to work with?

“We have the chance to choose our projects and to be able to say yes or no. It is true that it is very comfortable. We favor brands that have values ​​to which we are attached. The more we like the brand, the better we work with it. It's a kind of feeling.

Atelier Bingo collaboration bottle

An anecdote to tell us?

“It's funny because even before knowing that we were going to work together on this great project, Adèle had planned to do the harvest in early September. She's in the vineyards right now (laughs). Otherwise I would say that Atelier Bingo allowed us to travel a lot in Italy, Japan, Australia... It's more a surprise of life and not really an anecdote but we are happy to have made these trips which allowed us to increase our creativity tenfold and to Open mind."

Any books or podcasts to recommend?

Maxime: “We listen to a lot of music or podcasts when we work. For example, we really like “ Les pieds sur terre ”, a podcast that tells everyday stories. I also read a lot of comics, especially those by Étienne Davodeau. This author has also worked on wine and lives very close to our region. He writes a lot of books that I love and that share the same values ​​as us.”

Discover the comic strip on wine “Les ignorants” by Étienne Davodeau

To discover the creations of Adèle and Maxime from Atelier Bingo, go to 👉🏼 their instagram page and to order the beautiful bottle Atelier Bingo x Oé on biodiversity , visit our website oeforgood.com . Contribute to the Oé Program for Biodiversity by ordering your organic wines online!

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