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Since September 2017, the Oé team is proud to be certified B Corp. After long months of implementation, we are happy to announce that our recertification has been validated with a marked improvement. We obtained 97.9 points, this means that we upgraded our mark by 16.3 points ! If you want to know more about the label and the actions we put in place at Oé, we tell you more in this article 😉

B Corp

The B Corp Label

The B Corp label, short for “Benefit Corporation”, is the certification of companies created to do the common good. It is also known as “B Corporation” and “B Lab”, and meets fairly stringent environmental and societal requirements. Great companies like Innocent, Valrhona, Les Prés Rient Bio, Patagonia, Picture Organic Clothing, Bjorg Bonneterre, Nature & Découvertes, Big Mamma, Too Good To Go, and many other companies like us are B Corp certified! In France, there are more than a hundred certified companies, and around the world, around 2,500 companies; and these numbers keep increasing. This is a real joy to see that we are more and more committed. We told you about our label in our previous articles, if you want to take a look, it's 👉🏼 here .

How to get certified B Corp?

To obtain it, you must answer the 200 questions of the B Corp questionnaire. The idea is to show improvements every 3 years to keep its label.

These questions are about:

  • the mission, the ethics of the company, the responsibility and transparency with employees and customers,
  • the physical, professional, social and financial well-being of employees,
  • the social and economic well-being of the community,
  • the environment and the improvement of its management,
  • value created for customers and consumers

Do you also want to become a B Corp ? It's over here !

Our B Corp actions at Oé

We do our best to put in place all possible actions to protect the environment, to offer you the most responsible wines possible and for the happiness of the team. Our goal ? Always push the envelope a little further and do our best.

Our actions for the environment

In our premises, we have chosen to supply ourselves with green energy thanks to Enercoop. We closely monitor our energy consumption. We use green cleaning products to have beautiful clean offices, and we are on the initiative of installing compost in the condominium. All of our operations and delivery are carbon neutral, our carrier plants trees to offset emissions, and we continually implement actions to decrease our carbon generation.

We have also created the Oé Program for Biodiversity for which we allocate 1% of our turnover with the aim of raising awareness of the environment and supporting our winegrowers in their projects (developing fauna and flora, regenerating soils through plants, creating natural and sustainable habitats for biodiversity, etc.)

Our actions to offer you the best experience

Your Oé wines are certified zero pesticides by the independent Capinov laboratory. We want to prove you that we can drink organic and GOOD, that we can make a commitment to the environment by offering you bottles from the deposit and reuse. The bottles do not have a capsule, generally made of plastic, glue and aluminum (to find out more, it's here), the stoppers are made of FSC-certified natural cork, the boxes that pack your wines are 100% recycled and recyclable and are produced 40 km from Lyon.

And our latest novelty: we are working on a Zero Waste Supply ! This means that we reduce all possible logistics waste, from upstream with our partners to delivery to you. For the moment, we have managed to have our wine labels delivered in bulk to our bottler instead of a delivery of labels wrapped in plastic. The glassines (thin sheets on which the labels are affixed) are recyclable and we deliver to some of our partners in boxes, reusable racks for Oé wines. Sonia and Thomas, our budding logisticians are struggling to revolutionize the shipment of your wines and offer the most responsible service possible.

Our actions for the team

With the team, we decided to make our salary grid transparent so that each employee can know the salary of his colleague. As the adventure begins, Oé offers shareholding opportunities for each employee. We have set up a rotation to cook together every Monday: two members of the team cook a vegetarian meal for everyone to discover a new way of eating. And of course, the products are organic, local, zero waste and purchased in bulk. Oé offers its team unlimited fruit for the week and offers to participate in the purchase of a bicycle for each member up to 30% of the bill to encourage fresh air before starting the day, to avoid taking the car and public transport in times of covid.

Do you have questions about our recertification? Any actions to suggest to us to improve further? Write to 😉

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