Oé, première marque de vin en France à remettre en place la consigne

Oé, the first wine brand in France to reinstall the deposit

That's it, it's back to school! And to start off on the right foot, we have great news that we've been working on for months to announce: we're reintroducing the bottle deposit in the wine sector 👏🏻

In addition to being delighted to be the first wine brand to set up the deposit, our goal is to focus on the circular economy and reduce our carbon footprint .

Thomas, our co-founder talks about it: “We've been thinking about this locker project for several months and today we're happy that it's materialized. Reusing a bottle instead of recycling it saves nearly 33% of water . We are already collaborating with around thirty committed stores in Lyon, and soon in Paris in December. Our goal is to extend this process to businesses, caterers and restaurants. »

Oh the deposit


Whether bought in store and then enjoyed at home or ordered in a restaurant, a glass bottle is resistant to being washed and reused up to 50 times. Our desire, at the base of the project, was to find the best way to reuse wine bottles in a cyclical way, to do good for the planet and the local economy. We chose to bottle near our home, 60km from Lyon in the Pierres Dorées.

We also surrounded ourselves with partners of choice, and in particular Rebooteille from Lyon to give birth to the project. Rebooteille offers a fast-developing deposit system for collecting and washing bottles from shops in Ain, Loire and Rhône. The principle : the customer easily locates the bottles consigned on the shelves using a sticker which indicates the deposit and pays a deposit of 50 centimes at checkout. After tasting the bottle, it must be rinsed and then brought back to the partner store of your choice to recover your deposit. The store stores empty glass bottles in racks and Rebooteille comes to collect them before transporting them to the industrial washer. The circle is complete when the washing center sends them back to partner producers, in our case, to our bottler, to close the cycle of reuse.

Johann Perrat, founder of the 3 Ptits Pois grocery store in Lyon , explains his enthusiasm for the deposit: 

“At 3 Ptits Pois, it's been ten years since we unofficially set up the deposit with the small producers with whom we work, because we are sensitive to the reduction of the carbon footprint. Dairy products, local beers, baby food jars… are products that can already be consigned with us. Since March, we have been collaborating with Rebooteille, which allowed us to add Oé to our catalog, a real revolution because the wine is rare or even non-existent on the deposit. The advantage with Rebooteille is to have a single contact and process for multiple producers. In addition, we have real indicators on the system, we can measure the rate of returns and thus enhance our commitment”.


Only 35% of the bottles are reusable and recorded in CHR* . These are mainly bottles of juice, beer and other beverages. Our goal: to innovate to be the first to launch this service on wine bottles with the ambition of using 100% bottles from the deposit and returnable in turn once emptied. We invite you and encourage you to get involved in the renewal of the glass bottle deposit by starting by buying recorded 💪🏼

*source actu-environment.com

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