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Where to drink natural wine in Lyon? Top organic wine places!

Natural wine or natural wine has been gaining more and more followers in recent years. At Oé, although we do not produce it, we encourage this practice which has won over many winegrowers , businesses and consumers, concerned about their footprint on the planet. And don't think that it is reserved only for a certain Parisian elite. Lyon is full of good addresses where to find your organic wines and natural wines . Besides, just because summer is over doesn't mean we have to leave our terraces, bars and restaurants. Especially after being deprived of it for so many months. And since at Oé we like to combine business with pleasure, we have concocted a brief overview of the best addresses where you can taste natural wine, whether red, white or rosé, in our good old town of Lyons.

Natural wine, a brief overview

Natural wine is first and foremost a way of thinking, producing and consuming in accordance with respect for the environment. Natural wine is to be differentiated from organic and biodynamic wines . You don't see the nuance, don't panic, we have an article that talks precisely about this subject 👉🏼 here .

What you need to know is that these wines grouped under the label vi nmét hod e nature since 2020, the practices used in organic and biodynamic agriculture have been pushed even further to make organic and biodynamic wines. A natural wine uses only organic and natural fertilizers and farming techniques . The harvest is also done by hand, without industrial processes. The vinification is done with less sulphites than organic wines to approach zero. Wines without added sulfites (besides those from the skin of the grapes) are SAINT wines (without any added inputs or added sulfites).

natural wine

Do you want to know more about natural method wine? It's this way.

We often hear it said that natural wine is a niche wine, reserved for “bobo” consumers, that it's a trend, a fad. Nay, my brave ones! This practice has existed since the dawn of time in the agricultural heritage of many cultures. Several thousand years ago, sores were not legion in the Mediterranean plains or in the mountains of the Middle East. Natural wines are above all the result of a production strongly attached to the respect and protection of the soil. It is also a new form of consumption. A consumption that wants to be as close as possible to the terroir and the vine and that is more concerned with the environmental issues linked to our daily practices.

The aromas of natural wine can be very varied, sweet, with the taste of grape juice or very strong and very marked. Natural wine shows itself as it is, without additions, without modifications and without complexes. With its faults and its qualities. It is appreciated as it is, naturally !

Natural wine in Lyon

Lyon, city of wine

Third largest city in France, Lyon is a real effervescent broth of practices and cultures. Each neighborhood has corners to explore, shops to discover. Whether with your half, your family or with friends, you never get bored in Lyon. There is something for every taste. And as a place of French gastronomy , the art of eating well competes with the art of drinking well. The city is full of restaurants , sommeliers and wine shops .

And what would Lyon be without its countless wine bars ? Natural wine is increasingly present in our streets and alleys. And as at Oé, we like to make your life easier, we offer you here a list of cellars, restaurants and bars that offer natural wine to help you find your way around throughout your walks in our beautiful neighborhoods.

In the 1st arrondissement

The 1st is not tall but he is valiant as the famous Senegalese singer Youssou N'Dour would say. It is small but full of life. There are indeed many bars, restaurants and cellars that offer natural wine.

Wine bars and restaurants

  • Weeds • Restaurant, tea room, wine bar, 3 Rue du Jardin des Plantes, 69001 Lyon / 04 27 01 52 26
  • Les Barjaqueurs • natural wines, choice beers and good music, 2 Grande Rue des Feuillants, 69001 Lyon / 04 78 29 87 91
  • El Bar des Halles • Tapas and natural wine bar, you can also discover concerts, theater and exhibitions, Halles de la Martinières, 23 rue de la Martinière, 69001 Lyon / 04 81 91 85 82
  • Odessa Counter • 14 Rue René Leynaud, 69001 Lyon / 09 80 34 32 51
  • PraiRial • Gaëtan Gentil & Céline Boinon, 11 Rue Chavanne, 69001 Lyon / 04 78 27 86 93
  • All the Colors • 26 rue Imbert Colomès, 69001 Lyon / 04 72 00 03 95

Wine merchants and wine lifestyle stores

  • Sat laughs _ In addition to finding good nuggets, you will listen to good music and be able to leaf through magazines and other works on wine, 1 Rue des Capucins, 69001 Lyon / 04 78 39 49 68
  • Natural Wines Lyon 1st 1 rue Désirée, 69001 Lyon / 04 26 00 44 54

In the 2nd arrondissement

Wine bars and restaurants, wine merchants

In the 2nd arrondissement of Lyon , there are the following wine bars and wine shops:

  • Merc iè r e 56 Rue Mercière, 69002 Lyon / 04 78 37 67 35
  • Le Troquet • 34 Rue des Remparts d'Ainay, 69002 Lyon / 04 78 37 22 23
  • Chez Camille (cellar) • 17 rue de la Charité, 69002 Lyon / 04 78 42 26 05
Cave Chez Camille
Cave Chez Camille (Source, Mypresqu'ile)

In the 3rd arrondissement

The 3rd arrondissement has a few addresses where you can taste natural wine .

In the 4th arrondissement

La Croix-Rousse , the small village of Lyon, has some beautiful places, wine bars, restaurants and wine shops like:

  • Substrate • 7 Rue Pailleron, 69004 Lyon, France / 04 78 29 14 93
  • Ô Vins d'Anges • 2 place Bertone, 69004 Lyon / 09 51 88 20 99

In the 5th arrondissement

In the 5th arrondissement of Lyon , a tourist district par excellence with its Vieux-Lyon, the team offers you the restaurants:

    • Aux Bons Sauvages 16 Quai des Étroits, 69005 Lyon / 04 78 84 34 85
    • La Dolce Follia • Pizzeria offering natural French and Italian wine, 5, place du change, Lyon 69005 / 04 78 98 36 04

In the 6th arrondissement

In the chic 6th arrondissement of Lyon , the team offers you the following natural wine bars and wine shops:

  • Casa Jaguar (wine bar) 157 Rue Cuvier, 69006 Lyon / 04 78 24 03 73
  • The Painter's Café (wine bar) • 50 boulevard des Brotteaux, 69006 Lyon / 04 78 52 52 61
  • Bellecave (wine cellar) 75 Rue Bellecombe, 69006 Lyon / 06 22 86 85 70
  • Culinaries a delicatessen hiding a wine cellar, 42 Rue Malesherbes, 69006 Lyon / 04 78 89 60 30

In the 7th arrondissement

The 7th arrondissement of Lyon is the largest and also the one that offers the most addresses for bars, restaurants and wine cellars.


(Source, Vercoquin)

Wine Bar and Restaurant

The natural wine cellars of the 7th arrondissement

In the 9th arrondissement

  • The third river (wine cellar) • , 23 grande rue de Vaise, 69009 Lyon / 09 87 02 52 60

This is something to delight your curiosity and your taste buds. If you also want to find good organic wines, you can see all the Oé partner points of sale on our map . Good tasting !

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