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Who are the Hérault organic wine producers?

The South of France is a leader in the production of organic wines , from the Pyrenees to the Southern Alps, it is raining good organic wine thanks to our committed French winegrowers . Let's see together who are the producers of organic wines from the South of France, the heroes of Hérault !

Hérault, a department committed to organic

The Hérault for the bio is a bit of the model pupil of the class, he is spontaneous, he takes notes, he is active, he does not make too much noise and he always has good results. The proof is that the Hérault is the second department with the most organic producers (742) and the second also for the areas maintained in organic viticulture (12,255 ha) according to the Millésime Bio 2021 press kit . Just that. And as if that were not enough to make this department a must for organic viticulture and organic wine , the Hérault can count on bio 34, an association for organic farming in the Hérault which lists organic farmers. , which participates in the development of organic farming , helps winegrowers to make the transition to organic and allows everyone to learn more about this beautiful way of approaching agriculture . It is also in Montpellier , capital of Hérault , that the unmissable Salon Millésime Bio takes place every year , where Fx and Valérie went in February 2020 . This fair is the opportunity of the year to discover unique organic wines with authentic appellations and very committed wineries . Have fun with good tastings in a festive atmosphere, fun, isn't it?

In this department where the sun is happy, where the sea borders the coast and where the landscape is idyllic, the vine is in heaven, especially when it is maintained in organic viticulture .

The living conditions in the South are ideal and it is not a secret. From spring, we come from all over France to rest in the South, enjoy the song of the cicadas, the sea air and the rays of the sun to perfect our tan. We are not the only ones to appreciate these weather conditions , the vines settled there a long time ago now and are very happy to be part of the decor to take full advantage of the Hérault climate all year round.

landscape sea

This climate is ideal for the vines because the seasons are very marked, which avoids disruption during growth. After the harvest , they can rest quietly with a cool winter and then be awakened by the first rays of the sun announcing the return of spring. A few rains to refresh your ideas, but above all to eat, then to appreciate the constancy of the hot and dry climate of the South. As the climate is dry, it is more difficult for diseases to develop, which helps the vines . In addition, as they are maintained with natural solutions ( horn dung, Bordeaux mixture, herbal preparation, etc. ), the vines are satisfied and can fully express their potential. No wonder you like our white Languedoc produced hand in hand with Marie-Paule !

The good organic wine of Hérault

What do you like the most in the South? It may be a whole.

This special holiday-like atmosphere, where everyone is smiling. It's always very exotic to spend a weekend in Montpellier and its surroundings, we love it. There is something for everyone, a long beach for those who like to relax on the warm sand, a natural park for those who like to reconnect with the living and villages full of history for those who prefer the beauty of constructions human. How to talk about the landscapes of the Hérault without addressing the hectares of vines and the estates that line the horizon of this department of a thousand colors.

In this wine region of France , we love to stick together and we see many independent winegrowers coming together and working together in cooperatives . No one steps on it and everyone gets something out of it, especially us wine lovers because we can enjoy good organic wines , natural wines and biodynamic wines all year round, produced with love by winegrowers who are passionate about their profession .

You can taste many wines from blends of different grape varieties and therefore enjoy a beautiful variety of aromas , everything you like. The Hérault terroir also offers a beautiful typicity to these wines whose reputation is second to none. The AOC (controlled designation of origin) and the IGP (protected geographical indication) of the Hérault make the French salivate, but not only, the English, the Germans, the Italians and the Spaniards also love our good French organic wine. The French may be chauvinistic on the edges but he is also delighted to introduce the jewels of his country to his neighbors so we export a lot of bottles to our friends on the European continent .

You want to know everything about the difference between the IGP Var and the AOC Côtes de Provence, it happens here !

One last piece of advice before leaving, appreciate the good humor and kindness of the Hérault wine producers by meeting them. Wine tourism is developing more and more each year and the winegrowers are very happy to welcome you to their land to make you discover their good wine. The sale of wines on the estate is a special, unforgettable moment, where we exchange smiles, anecdotes and know-how. Entering the cellars of the winegrowers , discovering their cellars and touching the vines are so many additional memories that will make you appreciate each sip .

Do you also want to build your own cellar of good organic wine? We give you some tips here

Discover our selection of good red wines , white wines and rosé wines . Take a ticket to travel to our beautiful vineyards of France with our fine organic wines from Provence , Côtes-du-Rhône , Bordeaux , Vaucluse , the Mediterranean and Languedoc Roussillon .

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