Rencontre avec Délibio, traiteur lyonnais pro du zéro-déchet ! 

Meeting with Délibio, Lyon's zero-waste caterer!

Our partner and caterer Délibio has been committed for several months to organizing zero-waste events in the Lyon region . From the development of the menu according to the producers and the seasons , to the washable dishes through the composting of organic waste , their service is thought out from A to Z. To find out more, we share our exchange with Romain, purchasing, quality and operations manager at Delibio. Let's go !

Can you tell us about Délibio in a few sentences?

“Délibio is a Lyonnais caterer established for a few years in Villeurbanne, and now in the south of Lyon with a new kitchen twice as large as the old one to serve more and more companies on the organization of eco-responsible events . This is a trend that is growing more and more with the desire of companies to green their vents and offer a “beautiful showcase” to their customers. One of the objectives is also to make employees aware of the commitments towards which they wish to strive.

We have great customers in Lyon, such as the Métropole de Lyon, for whom we organized the signature of the climate plan ; but also Bjorg , April , Doctibike , Ikea , the Embarcadère , the UCLy , the H7 and the Sucrière in Lyon


What is the added value of Délibio?

“The 100% organic, the local and the short circuits ensure our customers an unparalleled eco-responsibility . I would say that's really what differentiates us from others. As we reduce the distance and the intermediaries with our producers, we proportionally reduce the quantity of waste associated with transport by truck, on pallets, in large volumes and over long distances. In short, if our customers want falafels prepared in our own way, it is possible by using French herbs, for example.

When we work with local producers, they don't offer us strawberries in winter and we adapt to the circumstances, our menus change with the seasons . This is also what makes Délibio so charming: having a menu that changes with each season, being able to offer different menus all year round for companies that work exclusively with us.

Now that we are focusing on the events segment - for those who don't know, we had a meal tray service activity that we chose to stop - all the crockery is managed in zero-waste, glasses from the plates to the decorations. Here is another commitment that is close to our hearts :-)

What is your role at Délibio and what inspires you in the adventure?

For my part, I have a fairly strong culinary sensitivity, I have mostly followed a vegetarian diet for more than 2 years, this has allowed me to divide my weekly meat consumption by more than 10. I love cooking of the world and the finely crafted desserts. My favorite dessert is apple tartlet with a hint of cinnamon. A delight!

At Délibio I have several hats, I take care of accounting and purchasing, and I also support Antoine and Téjas in organization and marketing. I did a fairly general education in a business school, I am versatile and above all I like this eclectic side on a daily basis.”

Why did you choose Oé wines? And how do they correspond to Délibio's offer and environmental commitments?

“Common sense and good taste are a matter of choice for us. The Oé offer fits perfectly with our offer and our products. By offering good, organic, vegan, zero pesticide, made in France wines produced in the best conditions with the winegrowers, we can only offer the best option to our customers. The modern communication you offer also appealed to us (laughs!).”

Why was it important for you to offer organic wines to your customers?

“Our clients call on us because they want to be one step ahead. Once the event is well thought out, well organized and focused on ecology , it necessarily makes an impression!”

What commitments do you make to your customers regarding the environment?

“We really want to offer healthy products all along the line, balanced and well-thought-out menus to satisfy everyone. We are close to our producers, both geographically and humanly. Sometimes they even accompany us during our events to liven up the evening and present their products. We have worked a lot on zero-waste and currently we are very proud to organize events with real dishes and to work with a partner who collects organic waste (with removal and weighing certificates). We only offer homemade dishes and fresh products . The idea is to go from fork to fork in the snap of a finger! We are also committed to many other aspects such as delivering by electric truck and using energy from renewable sources .”


What are your future ambitions for Delibio?

“We would like to take Délibio to the forefront of eco-responsible food in the business event sector. We see that more and more players are getting involved with us, so it's very encouraging for the future. They are all very receptive to our eco-responsible approach and the quality of our services . We are struggling to open a second kitchen in eastern France before going to Paris. We cross our fingers to succeed in bringing this project to fruition. If we could become the next Pignol de Lyon in all of France, we would be thrilled (laughs)!”

What is the event you served that you are most proud of and why?

“When the metropolis organized the signing of the climate plan , it was symbolic and above all an honor for us to be present. We also found that the underlying trend in Lyon is moving towards ecology, even in different political parties. |Editor's note: this interview was done before the municipal elections ;-)|

Do you have an anecdote to tell us about Delibio (event, start of the company, team, etc.)

I did the service for the wedding of Antoine, the founder of Délibio, when I started in the company. I was delighted to discover how the company works and especially to see the efforts made by the whole team to properly organize production while respecting our sorting instructions. Even though Antoine was enjoying the evening, he couldn't help but peek into the kitchen to make sure everything was spotless. In the end, we got away with less than 2 kg of waste for a reception and the evening meal . Grandiose with a hundred guests! At that moment, I can tell you that we were really proud!”

The entire Oé team hopes you enjoyed reading this exchange. And if you are an organic producer, if you are a cook or experienced in plant-based cuisine, write to Délibio at , Romain will be delighted to refer you or hire you! ;-)

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