Rencontre avec Rachel et Pierre de l'épicerie Patate à Lyon

Meeting with Rachel and Pierre from the Patate grocery store in Lyon

With a name like this, we can say that Rachel and Pierre intrigue the minds. We went to meet them to tell you about their great grocery, bulk and deposit project. If you want to know more, we'll take you on their adventure with us. On your helmets, get set, go!

Rachel from Potato Grocery

Can you tell me about your grocery store in a few sentences?

“The project was born in the spring of 2020 and the grocery store opened at the end of November 2020.

For, we are located on the banks of the Saône in Old Lyon and we offer products from local producers and responsible brands, as much as possible from organic farming or responsible manufacturing. They are carefully selected to meet the requirements of our customers. Our only will? Offer ethical and gourmet products.

In addition to filling the baskets with healthy products, we also like to give our customers tips on how to make their daily lives more responsible and improve their well-being. We have fresh and dry food products, hygiene products, household products, drinks and takeaway meals, it's a bit like Ali Baba's cave of beauty, goodness and mainly organic.”

What was the trigger to get you started?

Rachel: “We felt a real need in the neighborhood and it was an idea that had been in our heads for a while. The confinement was the trigger as I had a slowdown in my professional activity and Pierre was in retraining, we realized that we were on the same wavelength and we really had fun during the project setup. It allowed us to go through the period of confinement in a good mood.

What are your commitments?

“Work differently, around the good, the beautiful and benevolence.”

For you, what is a good wine?

“It is a wine that you want to taste for a long time with friends, that gives you the potato, that you want to taste again, that you regret when there is none more and which leaves a good memory.”

And what is your favorite wine Rachel?

Rachel: “Before it was a Beaune 1er cru but after a trip to Argentina I developed a weakness for Malbec. At Oé, my favorite is the red Côte-du-Rhône and the white Bordeaux.”

Why did you choose Oé organic wines?

“For the ecological commitment, for the organic certification, because you are B Corp certified, for the pretty design, for the beautiful story of the winegrowers to tell but above all a selection of wines and regions that are at the top!”

returnable bottle

What is your long-term vision?

“We have a lot of projects that we will soon reveal to you on the networks. That said, we want to set up an association that will be led by local residents to develop activities around Place Bourgneuf.”

What is the thing you are most proud of? 

Rachel: “We are proud to have been able to set up the project in less than 6 months without arguing with Pierre and without having made too many errors of choice. And to see that our project really appeals to the people of the neighborhood.”

Your commitments?

“We offer products in sustainable agriculture, bulk, organic but not only… We support real craftsmen, know-how and know-how. We are sensitive to aesthetics, gluttony and presentation and so are our customers. We try to avoid waste, to work in a short circuit, to encourage our suppliers to opt for bottle deposit or cardboard recycling, for example. We inform our customers and we try to set a good example.”

What advice would you have liked to have had before you started?

“Go on vacation and rest before opening because after that it will be impossible! (laughs)”

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