Retour sur l'année 2022

A look back at 2022

And yes, it's already the end of the year, but before moving on to 2023, we decided to give you a little recap of everything that happened in 2022 at Oé. Between collaborations, campaign for biodiversity, zero waste, development of the deposit, we tell you everything.

Are you ready ? Let's go !


We started the year by signing the Parental Challenge so that each member of the team feels supported in parenthood and flourishes at work. The Parental Challenge is a charter that brings together 12 measures such as the establishment of working hours that do not exclude any employee, or even paid “sick child” days off. These measures make a professional/personal balance possible.

To find out more about the Parental Challenge, it's here!


In February, Oé took his first steps in ELLE magazine. We are very proud to have been part of the selection for Valentine's Day thanks to the beautiful bottle produced in collaboration with Malika Favre. 


In collaboration with Rutabago , La Fourche bio , La ruche qui dit oui , Bio Demain , Biomede and Edible School , we launched the “Eat Sustainable! ”. This movement brings together 12 concrete proposals to guarantee healthy, sustainable and accessible food for all .
Different proposals are made around these 6 main themes:

  • Reduce reliance on pesticides ⁠;
  • Ensuring a fair price from farm to your plates ⁠;
  • Guarantee the consumer transparent information⁠;
  • Educate and raise awareness from an early age about sustainable nutrition ⁠;
  • Improve animal welfare;
  • Financing the agroecological transition⁠.

To know more about this movement


The month of April was loaded with good news. We started the month by receiving the LSA Bio prize which rewards us for the deployment of organic through our wines and for all the innovations we are undertaking, such as the deposit , zero waste and the Oé Program for biodiversity .

We also launched the “Vote for” campaign to encourage people to vote in the presidential elections . Vote for a better world, with more social justice and a real climate action plan. We reused this campaign during the legislative elections, elections too often ignored by many citizens, and which are however as important as the presidential ones.

We have detailed this campaign here!

Finally, this month ended with the Lyon international competition where three of our wines were rewarded. The wine competition brought together 6,767 samples and nearly 1,200 tasters. The award- winning outputs were: Côtes de Bergerac and Saint-Emilion Grand Cru with fine gold medals and the Vaucluse Principality of Orange with a fine silver medal.


In this spring of 2022, we launched our second Miimosa crowdfunding campaign to help winemakers Pascal and Nico go beyond organic⁠. This campaign made it possible to finance the installation of 10 bat nesting boxes, 10 Landes sheep, 5 goats from the Pyrenees thanks to the Conservatoire des Races d'Aquitaine , a sheepfold to accommodate them ⁠and to prepare the ground to plant a hedge in agroforestry. What good news for Pascal and Nico, our winegrowers in the Bordeaux region.

Pascal and Nico's campaign

Who says May, says return of the sun, and organization of an evening with the whole Lyon ecosystem. By “ecosystem”, we mean all the people who contribute to doing good, whether they are B Corp companies, the Mouvement Impact France or other committed companies.


A wonderful news of this month of June was the implementation of the deposit in Carrefour hypermarkets for our range of Le Bien Par Le Bon wines . The deposit is allowed thanks to the LOOP system which brings up to date the deposit in supermarkets to accompany everyone on the path to zero waste. Cannon, right?

Want to know more about the deposit? We tell you everything!

We also took a few days as a team to hike while sleeping in a refuge. It was a beautiful moment of cohesion at the heart of what we fight for every day. A great experience shared as a team that strengthens the bonds between each of us!


Last summer, we had the chance to visit some of our winegrowers including Corinne, winemaker in Tulette, and Emmanuel, winemaker not far from Avignon who both produce Le Côtes-du Rhône rouge Oé. We were able to immerse ourselves in their daily life, see the biodiversity that develops in their vines and share beautiful moments together.

At the end of August, Thomas Lemasle, co-founder of Oé, spoke during the masterclass "Sober leadership: shared leadership?" at the Summer Universities for the Economy of Tomorrow alongside Céline Peudenier from Groupe SOS , Matthieu Dardaillon from Ticket for Change and Youssef Achour from Up Coop .

The UEED bring together the vanguard of the economy of tomorrow, to prepare for the economic change that our society must face in the coming years to meet the challenges of our planetary limits. ⁠A beautiful program!


Who says back to school, says new, and we are rather proud to have unveiled this new experience around our Oé winegrowers.
We have added QR codes to our bottles to take you on a journey to the winegrowers who produced the wine you are tasting. Through several videos you will see their domain, their cellar, some anecdotes and even the region. We hope it makes you want to meet them all!

We even had the chance to go harvest as a team at Corinne winegrower Oé in Tulette. On the program, a very early awakening, 5 hours of harvesting, a good meal shared with Corinne and local cheese producers, then a tour of the estate with very interesting explanations. A real joy.


Mmmh... you tell yourself that something was missing for the year 2022 to be as beautiful as 2021. Here it is the beautiful collaboration Oé x Sonia Dubois. 12 bottles to celebrate biodiversity! ⁠Through this collaboration, we want to amaze you, to make you aware of the beauty of biodiversity. The beauty she puts in our hearts, what she brings to the planet. You like ?

All about Sonia Dubois

November and December  

That's it, it's already the end of 2022. So for Christmas, we decided to highlight sobriety. Nothing superfluous, useless… Simply Good, Good and Beautiful. By promoting these values, we are committed to taking care of our team. We have chosen to close our premises between Christmas and New Year's Day to allow everyone to recharge their batteries with their loved ones and recharge their batteries to start 2023 with a smile.

We are proud of the great projects and the great discoveries we have made, delighted to welcome new faces to the team and excited to see others arriving at the start of next year. We can't wait to share with you everything we're preparing for 2023, it's going to be splendid!

See you next year,

The Oe team

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