Top 12 des phrases qui marchent à tous les coups pour parler du vin

Top 12 sentences that work every time to talk about wine


A romantic dinner, a family lunch or a business cocktail? Here is the list of phrases that will make you pass for a connoisseur of wine!
For it to work, you have to be convinced!

1 — “A wine that lets its minerality speak for itself!”

Minerality can sometimes be likened to the impression of sucking on a pebble. It is usually at this stage that someone asks if we are used to regularly sucking pebbles and how it tastes… it is to cut off these nice little sarcasms that I speak of “impression” , and not “pebble taste”. Wine evokes images.

Oé: do good with good, uncork good organic wines!
Oé: do good with good, uncork good organic wines! Valérie Rousselle Château Roubine From a selection…

2 — “A very beautiful reflection of its appellation.”

3 — “A wine with character! The mouth delights the palate, it is rich and harmonious, we appreciate its length.”

Once swallowed, or spat out, the wine can leave lingering aromas in the mouth. This is called the length . It is expressed in caudalie (one caudalie = one second). Attention, the length should not take into account the acidity, the bitterness, or the sweetness but only the aromas.
We start talking about quality wine when its length in the mouth reaches between 8 and 10 caudalies. The greatest wines can reach up to 20 caudalies. I let you imagine!

4- “The color is deep, the nose is fruity and the mouth is ample: what complexity!”

5- “A dense wine, a beautiful robe, with a supple, fine-grained attack. An assertive style!”

You should know that the dress evolves over time.
For the reds, the color of a young wine will be rather purplish while that of a very old wine will have brick tones.
Colors of red wines: violet, ruby, garnet, brown.

6- “A complete and balanced wine!”

Too much fruit and sugars can be sickening. Conversely, excess acidity and tannins make the wine unpleasant and austere. These four parameters must therefore be in perfect harmony.

7- “A beautifully vinified wine!”

8 — “An expressive wine that will age beautifully!”

It can thus be estimated that
– Champagne does not age. He must also keep standing.
– The Beaujolais crus age for up to 5 years, with the exception of the Moulin à Vent which seems the best suited to aging.
– The Bordeaux reds are expected to be 5 to 7 years old.
– Sauternes: 10 years and over.
– The Côtes du Rhône crus: about 10 years.
– Burgundies: most are wines for laying down.

9 — “The attack is supple and the palate is admirable, with superb persistence”

To be used only if the attack is supple, the palate is admirable with superb persistence, of course.

10 — “ The color is magnificent, the nose is expressive, the mouth is straight and frank”

11 — “The nose is still a little closed but already reveals great purity. We can't wait for him to relax!”

Go ahead, don't be afraid, stick your nose in the glass and inhale.
At this stage determine what your first impression is. Is it frank or “doubtful”? If you can already determine certain aromas, we will say that the wine is open or if not, we will say that it is closed .
Do not necessarily seek to immediately identify specific aromas but rather a trend
Families: floral, green/red/citrus fruit, citrus, spice, vegetal, mineral.

12 — “What a magnificent expression of the terroir!”

Wine is associated with a region, its place of production, the climate, the plots of vineyard that bear the grapes necessary for its production, the cultural practices and the know-how of the winegrowers. The work, know-how and involvement of the winegrower are decisive factors in highlighting the typicality of the terroir and producing a good wine.

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