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Vie.gne, you know? It was our friend Etienne who decided to combine his passion for wine and his desire to undertake by creating artisanal and soft soaps with the aromas of the grape varieties of the vine . A fun and original way to revisit your favorite grape varieties in quality products that respect life. Awesome, isn't it? We tell you more right away!

Etienne de Vie.gnes

Discover the Vie.gne concept!

We tell each other everything ! Who is Vie.gne?

Vie.gne is an artisanal soap factory that creates and manufactures solid and soft soaps with the aromas of the grape varieties of the vine .

The soaps do not smell of wine or alcohol. We use the aromatic profiles of the grape varieties in their emblematic region to create a perfumed accord that recalls the aromas of this grape variety. For Chardonnay in Burgundy, for example, we use aromas such as apple, pear, white flowers, vanilla and brioche. And it's also fun to look for the aromas in the soap during your shower!

Our artisanal soaps are obtained by saponification in a cauldron , an ancestral and environmentally friendly process. All the oils used are vegetable and organic. When you add washing soda, it creates a chemical reaction that transforms the oils into soap, for the washing side and into glycerin, for the nourishing and moisturizing side of the skin.

Ochres, clays or vegetable powders are added which bring other virtues to the soaps and give them a natural colour. The perfumed accords are composed and bio-synthesized in Grasse, the world capital of perfumery and are guaranteed free of CMR substances (Carcinogenic, Mutagenic and Reprotoxic).

Our solid soaps are enriched with grape seed oil which is full of polyphenols , the antioxidant molecule of the vine and 8% surgras.”

Editor's note: polyphenols, we love at Oé! Something to purify and hydrate your skin ;)

Vie.gne soaps

What was the trigger for creation? 

“The desire to combine my passion for wine with my desire to undertake, without doing a profession that is already known and recognized. I wanted to create a new concept. It was by looking for fields of activity to associate with wine that I gradually found soap. It respected my values, to make a product myself using an artisanal and ancestral process, respectful of nature . I also wanted to associate the moments of tasting a glass of wine where we look for the aromas of the wine.”

What are the upcoming events?

“My main objective is to deliver all the rewards of the first Vie.gne contributors during my Ulule campaign for Christmas. The first partnerships are on the way, such as with , or Lyon Can Do It , a catalog of products made locally in Lyon distributed for the end-of-year celebrations.

Once the first contributors have been delivered before Christmas, we will start distributing our varietal soaps in points of sale and you will be able to order the soaps online, on our online site. We want to distribute our products in an unprecedented network, that of oenology professionals such as wine merchants, wine estates, wine museums or even accommodations present in wine regions. Then the goal will be to recruit the first permanent employees to develop the company.”

Order Vie.gne soaps! 

The Vie.gne team

What are your commitments? 

Vie.gne is a subtle blend of life and vines, is a new brand committed to social integration and the preservation of nature and biodiversity.

Vie.gne is a partner of the OSEAT network , a group of ESAT (Establishment and Services of Assistance through Work) which employs employees with disabilities. It is in their sewing workshop in Lyon 8 that our fabric accessories are made. We are currently planning with their packaging workshop in Lyon 7 for the packaging of our soaps.

Vie.gne acts against global warming and has partnered with Time for the Planet, the first citizen movement acting for the preservation of the environment . During the Ulule campaign, we were able to donate 1600 shares to Time for the Planet.

When you buy our varietal soaps you participate in these commitments. We want our soaps to be accessible at an affordable price, and at the market price of artisanal soaps.”

Stephen and Mark

An anecdote to tell us?

“Meeting this great three-starred chef, Marc Veyrat, at the Lyon Street Food Festival . I like to dream that one day the Vie.gne varietal soaps will be between the fork and the knife of a prestigious establishment like that of Chef Veyrat! ”

“We only have one life.gne !”

To follow the team, we give you an appointment on their instagram , facebook and linkedin pages.

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