Vin bio sans alcool : une nouvelle tendance du marché 0%

Alcohol-free organic wine: a new market trend 0%

“Without alcohol the party is crazier!” chanted Mister Cocktail loud and clear in its 2010 advertising. We don't know how crazy it is, but in any case it has given inspiration to several drinks to reinvent themselves. Alcohol-free beer is starting to make itself known, alcohol-free wine , on the other hand, is more discreet so we decided to tell you about it in this article.

Alcohol-free organic wine, a controlled pleasure

We don't often ask ourselves the question, but ultimately, why do we drink wine? My little finger tells me that it is above all a story of pleasure , for this unique taste that takes us through the vineyards and makes us travel the palate . In any case, one thing is certain, it's not for alcohol , well not just for that. Otherwise, you might as well turn to life alcohol, it's much more concentrated in alcohol.

But then, what does alcohol have to do with all this? If you remember your physics and chemistry lessons, you know that the alcohol in wine is ethanol , also called ethyl alcohol . To know the alcohol content of the wine you are tasting, simply refer to the number followed by a percentage on the label of the bottle (12% for example). This means that the wine contains 12 percent of its volume in alcohol per litre, or 96 grams. For wines without alcohol , the calculation is quickly done, 0% is 0 . Practical, no?

Are you interested in the difference between organic wine, natural wine and biodynamic wine? We wrote an article about it.

Sugar and alcohol, friends like pigs

Alcohol is formed naturally in wine during alcoholic fermentation by the action of yeasts on the sugars present in the juice . The more sugar , the more alcohol, and the less sugar, the less alcohol. It is for this reason that dry white wines are generally less alcoholic than sweet white wines and sweet white wines . Sugar is also a good preservative , which allows these wines to keep for a very long time. The traditional method of concentrating the sugars of the straw wine grape allows it to age without complex.


But then, you mean that alcohol-free wines are also sugar-free ? Well not really. During vinification , the winemaker may decide to filter the juice to reduce the sugar content during vinification, then add some later. Some non-alcoholic wines are even sweeter than alcoholic wines .

Techniques for obtaining alcohol-free wine

There are several methods to obtain alcohol-free wine, one where the alcohol is removed and the other where fermentation is not carried out , so that there is no alcohol formation. .

The designation of alcohol-free wine is sometimes debated, because in France, only a dealcoholization of 2% is authorized for wines. By removing all the alcohol, we can therefore logically consider that this new drink is not really wine and does not deserve to be called as such. In any case, this is the opinion of certain producers and certain wine consumers. Yes, a name has to be earned, especially that of wine! We let you make up your own mind on the subject, after all, that's what we call freedom of thought.

It would be too easy if by snapping your fingers or waving a magic wand you could make the alcohol disappear. Behind his Harry Potter airs, the winemaker uses different techniques to make the alcohol disappear: partial evaporation under vacuum at low temperature , the column with rotating cones or more recently reverse osmosis .

harry potter

The other school is that of the Petit Béret which, like Panoramix, has developed a formula for producing an alcohol-free wine with a vinification process without alcoholic fermentation . It's crazy isn't it? On the other hand, as far as the name is concerned, once again it is up for debate because as La Revue des Vins de France says Wine is the drink obtained by the natural fermentation of the juice of ripe grapes (transformation of the sugars of the fruit into alcohol under the biochemical action of yeasts , microscopic organisms which proliferate on their own)”. It is therefore difficult to defend this new drink as being wine despite its aromatic similarities .

Alcohol-free organic wine, for whom and when?

Now that we know how it is produced, let's see together how to drink it. This is our favorite part with the Oé team!

Who can drink organic wine without alcohol?

The approach of alcohol-free organic wine is beautiful because it allows everyone to enjoy the good taste of wine . Thanks to the alcohol-free organic wine , even children can sit at the table of the grown-ups and step into the shoes of a wine critic . But do not forget, wine without alcohol is not a classic wine , you should not start serving wine to children because alcohol is bad for their health .

In addition to children, this sweet beverage is also designed for pregnant women, diabetics or anyone else who cannot drink alcohol. It's a shame to deprive yourself of the pleasures of life, and thanks to alcohol-free organic wine , everyone can toast together and celebrate the arrival of the newborn in advance. Isn't life beautiful?

Drink or drive, you no longer have to choose. Here's a good slogan for non-alcoholic wines, because let's not forget, drunk driving is not an option. When you go out, remember to point to Sam, the one who drives and doesn't drink alcohol. Thanks to the wide choice of non- alcoholic drinks : beers , mocktails ( non-alcoholic cocktails ) and wines , Sam can also treat his taste buds before setting fire to the dance floor!


What we remember is that organic alcohol-free wines are made for everyone without exception, even those who can drink alcohol take pleasure in a good alcohol-free wine. The proof is, at Le Petit Béret , it is Dominique Laporte , best sommelier in France in 2004, who takes care of the blending of alcohol-free wines to create drinks with unique aromas .

The perfect time to drink non-alcoholic wine

The most gluttonous among us will tell you that any time is good to drink a good glass of wine, and they are not wrong. Well, waking up might be a bit early, but lunch is the perfect excuse to get your best bottles out !

With the team, we have our favorite little moments to meet around a wine tasting . The aperitif with friends is a ritual that you never deviate from. We love this friendly atmosphere where we take the time to settle down after a great day's work. We exchange smiles, anecdotes and above all glasses of wine and tapas.

Dinner is also a special moment that we love very much. Small or large table, the atmosphere varies according to the guests and it is always a real pleasure . For dinners that last until the end of the night, the moon accompanies us, as if she were the surprise guest, we almost want to serve her a drink. In any case, we toast to your health and to all the biodynamic winegrowers !

At Oé, we offer organic, vegan and pesticide-free wines . On our site, you will find our selection of white wines , red wines , rosé wines and even a sparkling wine . Yum !

So, the wines from which vineyards are your favourites? Organic Provence wines , organic Vaucluse wines , organic Bordeaux wines , organic Languedoc wines , organic Mediterranean wines , organic Côtes du Rhône wines .

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