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Oh, let's do good with good!
We act for the good of the planet by drinking good wine. Because today the vine is less than 4% of agriculture and more than 20% of pesticides . Grapes are the most pesticidal fruit. It's sad. So we decided to shake the bunch with you! What you will get with Oé: good wine, 100% organic and vegan , committed winegrowers, preserved biodiversity, good with B Corp & a team that opens it!

What we believe in is raw. We love the vines, those who grow them, the good times, the laughs, the tits, the climates, the insects, the vines that grow in our beautiful regions, sustainable viticulture, water, the seasons, the planet. Our mission is to promote sustainable viticulture and change the way of consuming. Concretely ? We are committed to responsible attitudes and choices on a daily basis: glass, cardboard, the corks we select, the ink, waste and paper we use. Renewable energy that lights us up. AND of course, the good wine we offer (remember, it's always the one that's finished first). We are here to do good with good.

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We are committed to responsible attitudes and choices on a daily basis :

The good wine we offer is organic and French, tested ZERO pesticide on 425 molecules (Capinov analyses).
The glass we use to bottle the Oé range is partially recycled (Have you noticed the small irregularities between the bottles? ;-))
The cardboard that allows us to send your wines safely is recycled and recyclable. It is Thomas, the ace of logistics, who ensures the delivery of your boxes.
• The natural cork stoppers that we have chosen for our bottles retain 302g of carbon.
• A team that shakes the bunch of vines in the office by adopting a zero waste approach, home cooking, bulk purchases, compost shared with neighbors, ordering bulk 'n' roll organic fruit baskets to make full of energy, and lighting with renewable energy.

All these actions have led us to be B Corp certified , the label for companies that are committed to the common good.
Oé, do you have any ideas to share with us to move the lines? Email us at

Oé program for biodiversity

We have created the Oé Program for biodiversity in the vineyards.

Our goal is to preserve everything we love and educate our community about our cause. We work in partnership with the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) , an association which works for the protection of species and environmental awareness; and with a startup from Lyon, Biomede , which offers to decontaminate soils of heavy metals.

The LPO guides us to preserve biodiversity on earth and in the air and Biomede the living, underground.

We have developed a partnership with Miimosa , a crowdfunding platform serving agriculture and food.
We support projects on this platform to help winegrowers with their financing by providing them with visibility through communication. The projects can be found here .

Concretely, what is the Oé Program?
• Conferences organized and led by the LPO.
• Guided tours in the vineyards to become aware of the existing biodiversity.
• Workshops to build birdhouses to install in the vineyards of our winegrowers.

The Oé Program, for whom?
On the one hand, for lovers of the land and terroirs, for novices and amateurs. On the other hand, to help our winegrowers to go further in the organic approach. And above all, to create a community of winegrowers and committed citizens. Let yourself be immersed in our universe!

We have many ideas to develop this program, be ready to see developments in the coming months.
Write to us at and visit our networks to follow and register for our events!

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