Annonce : les vins Oé, maintenant distribués en vrac avec Jean Bouteille

Announcement: Oé wines, now distributed in bulk with Jean Bouteille

Since last year, we have been working on a new project that we are proud to unveil today: Oé wines are now also available in bulk, in partner grocery stores, with Jean Bouteille . We are fighting for meaningful, healthier, more positive consumption. Bulk wine goes in the direction of zero waste (the containers are upcycled) and our desire is to adopt this mode of consumption which reinforces Oé's mission. To be part of the adventure with us, and offer our wines in bulk with Jean Bouteille in your grocery store, click here .

good committed wine

Order your wines in bulk for your grocery store

Bulk organic wine and the promise of good wine

The good put at the heart of the collaboration

When we bet on bulk wine, we first made sure that the quality of the wine would be the same in the bottle as in the BIB (bag in box). When you enter a zero waste grocery store, you know straight away that you will find responsible products: bulk, zero waste, organic and local. Today, beyond these commitments, we also want to assure you that the wines offered are delicious, carefully selected for bulk consumption.

A winemaker, 3 zero pesticide dresses and 5 stars

On the menu for the moment, we offer three organic wine references: a red wine , a white wine and an organic rosé , all from the same appellation, IGP Méditerranée . We tell you more about their characteristics right here!

The Red Mediterranean
Grapes: Merlot, Marselan, Cabernet Sauvignon
👁 Garnet colour, purplish reflections
👃🏽 Nose of black fruits, liquorice note and chocolate finish
👅 Concentrated and ample mouth, supple tannins
🌡 Service 15°

Red wine

The White Mediterranean 
Grape: Chardonnay
👁 Brilliant color with green and golden reflections
👃🏽 Bright nose of verbena, lime blossom and candied lemons
👅 Round and flattering on the palate, nice tension on the finish
🌡 Service 8-10°

White wine

The Mediterranean rosé
Grapes: Syrah, Caladoc, Merlot
👁 Pale dress with salmon nuances
👃🏽 Citrus notes and white flowers
👅 Invigorating and thirst-quenching rosé with notes of tangy red berries
🌡 Serve between 8 and 10°C


Once bottled in your personal bottle or in a Jean Bouteille, it can be kept for a maximum of 3 days : chilled for white and rosé wine , at room temperature for red wine.

The know-how of winegrowers at the service of good

It is with Brice, winemaker Oé that we are proud to offer you the first cuvées of organic wine in bulk. The estate, located a stone's throw from Arles, has been engaged in organic farming since 1983 on 90 hectares of Provençal soil with a sunny climate. Brice produces and matures wines that respect the environment. It is with him that Oé offers you your red wine, white wine and rosé.

Brice, winemaker Oé

Brice does mechanical plowing , manual weeding , uses green manure and bury pruning shoots underground to maintain good soil health and promote microbial life. Biodiversity is doing its job well: predators regulate harmful insects and protect the vine.

A step for the planet with Oé wine in bulk

Did you know ? Viticulture is 4% of agriculture and 20% of pesticides . With Oé, our wines are certified zero pesticides !

Bulk wine avoids the use of a new bottle for each wine tasted. It is an alternative to returnable bottles. We are well aware that bulk wine is not suitable for everyone and for all situations. And we are convinced that we can do good , no matter which option we choose.

Reusing your bottle, whether on Oé wines purchased from a partner grocery store, yours or a returnable Jean Bouteille, saves 33% water compared to a new bottle, reduces energy consumption by 76% and emit 79% less greenhouse gases . One more step for the planet 🌿

It is for all these reasons that we have decided to work with Jean Bouteille to promote healthier and more responsible consumption and offer you the best grocery experience. This is currently a big step for Oé: the bulk is only in its infancy but the wave is coming and it makes sense. Today, it has even more taste!

The interview with the Jean Bouteille team

We thought you would like to know more about this great collaboration. So for you, the Oé team has gone on a getaway to Lille to tell you a little more...

For those who don't know you, who is Jean Bouteille?

Jean Bouteille is the brand that accompanies the zero-waste transformation from distribution to consumption . Concretely, we eliminate the single-use packaging present in all the rooms of your house to buy only the essentials . All this is possible thanks to bulk fountains to facilitate the service of liquids, associated with reusable and returnable containers .

The operation is very simple, the consumer adopts a Jean Bouteille and reuses it to fight against single-use bottles. Our objective: to encourage and support the consumer's zero waste move to action to anchor reusable and healthy eating in the daily life of all citizens.

"It is through awareness and small concrete actions that the consumer becomes an agent of change" Gérard Bellet, founder of Jean Bouteille.

Gérard's trigger was to see the overflow of waste represented by liquid containers, i.e. approximately 568 kg of household and similar waste per inhabitant / per year according to a study by Ademe (2018). With regard to food waste, Ademe notes a waste of 150 kg per inhabitant. ! Jean Bouteille's idea was found in 2014 and now animates a band of 36 incorrigible optimists on a daily basis. Since our launch, there have been more than 1,000 partner stores so that every citizen can find an alternative to single-use prepackaged near their home.”

How many grocery stores do you currently work with?

“We have embarked on the Jean Bouteille adventure in more than 1,000 points of sale in France, Belgium, the Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Reunion Island and New Caledonia, including 400 bulk grocery stores in France and Belgium. We support these points of sale towards the distribution of bulk liquids by developing as many products as possible to make bulk the new consumption standard. We can consume differently for all everyday products: sauces, jams, oils, household products, wines, beer, personal hygiene products, enough to bring zero waste everywhere at home. All of our products are organic , Ecocert , Nature & Progrès or Cosmos Organic certified . We favor French products and products from the Hauts de France as soon as possible . As for our fountains, they are designed and assembled in Lille .

The latest innovation, our partnership with Oé, to promote healthier and more responsible consumption. The common objective: to offer good organic wines in bulk and zero waste!

Some innovations:

  • Bulk sauces and jams to be zero waste from breakfast to dinner!
  • The collection of pockets of products from our partner merchants in order to upcycle them to close the loop
  • The co-creation of the WeBulk marketplace , the first French BtoB digital bulk marketplace that connects 100% bulk stores with producers and the best French organic brands.

Our major challenges for this year 2021: to continue to offer as many alternatives as possible with spreads, fresh products, stirred products.”

What difference does bulk make to the environment?

“By filling your reusable bottle at the bulk fountain, you avoid 500 g of waste per litre, compared to a single-use bottle with a simple small gesture! Taking your bottle to fill your oil, wine, shampoo, etc., is the first step towards zero waste. Bulk also allows you to consume a fairer quantity, the one you need to avoid waste (which weighs very heavily on our bins, Ademe indicates a waste of 150 kg per inhabitant). As for the reuse of bottles, it saves 33% of water compared to a new manufactured bottle, reduces the energy consumed by 76% and emits 79% less greenhouse gases.”

How can you be sure as a customer that bulk organic wine is good?

“All the conditions are met, everything has been thought out to ensure the best experience:

• The choice of Oé, for our catalog which works hand in hand with winegrowers certified in organic farming. The wines are authentic and of high quality. While the vine represents 4% of agriculture and 20% of pesticides, Oé wines are analyzed by the independent Capinov laboratory. Out of 425 molecules, there are zero pesticides. Oé wines are also certified vegan.

• Partner stores whose bulk business is their business.

• We provide partner sales outlets with practical information to follow ( DDM BIB closed, DDM BIB open) as well as traceability and hygiene tools.

• The consumer must respect the fact that it is a wine to be consumed quickly , we advise to consume it within 3 days after bottling (Storage at room temperature for red and white & rosé wine to be kept fresh).

Why the choice of a transparent bottle for wines? The Jean Bouteille is totally suitable for use. Bulk wines are not intended to be stored in your bottles but to be consumed quickly. Thus, it is useless to have a tinted bottle, even for red wine, because it will be consumed within 3 days!”

How does the Jean Bouteille deposit work in grocers and organic stores?

“Our partner stores have the choice of whether or not to apply the deposit refund for our glass Jean-Bottles. On the other hand, reuse is guaranteed in all our partner stores. When the store chooses to apply the deposit in addition to reuse, we sell with option to buy for these points of sale, in order to ensure the washing to reintroduce the bottles in our store network.

Find all our organic wines in bulk and in recorded and returnable bottles in grocery stores, restaurants and at partner wine merchants 👉🏼 here 

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