Imaginons 2040 avec On Est Prêt !

Let's imagine 2040 with On Est Prêt!

We're Ready x Oh 

That's it, it's live ! We are proud to unveil our new bottle in collaboration with the ON EST PRET movement 👏🏻 So welcome to 2040! With the On Est Prêt team, we wanted to take you back in time to see what awaits us in 20 years. We thought of this collaboration to inspire you and help you think about the world of tomorrow. We wanted you to travel through time with a story, the story that we will write over the next few years together to live in a more responsible society and above all, in which we will live with nature and our planet.

Imagine 2040 with We are ready

The story: what if we jumped to 2040?

Let's imagine that in 20 years, you, me, we have succeeded in building a society that is fairer and more respectful of life and the resources that the earth can offer. Let's imagine that in this beautiful year 2040, insects and birds repopulate our countryside, the air becomes breathable again, the pandemic years are behind us, storms and extreme droughts become rare and every human being eats healthy and satisfied food. , works for himself, for his loved ones and for his territory. And yet, it was not won.

We have dismantled intensive agriculture and livestock farming to see the emergence of collective fields and gardens in organic farming. The production of passenger cars, plastics and pesticides has ceased. Primary forests are protected and those thought to have disappeared come back to life. No more coal mines and oil drilling, it's the power of wind, water and sun that lights up our interiors, heats our showers and powers our communication stations. The concept of GDP has given way to BIB , Gross Inner Happiness. We have learned to live differently, in solidarity and with respect for the living. Close your eyes and remember.

How did we get here ? What crises have we faced and how have we overcome them?

What role did you play? Your life today is radically different from that of the time.

Collaboration bottle Oé x On Est Prêt

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Meet the On Est Prêt movement!

To guide you and explain why this collaboration is important to us, we invite you to meet the brilliant people behind this ambitious movement ready to do anything to make things happen: Yasmina, Jason, Magali, Jules and Camille.

For those who read us and who do not know you: who are you?
"On Est Prêt is a movement, launched in 2018 with a digital campaign of massive mobilization around 30 climate challenges embodied by web creators in order to mobilize young people on environmental issues. Since then, the movement has been followed by more than 400,000 subscribers on all digital platforms, has launched several mobilization campaigns, including the latest around the Citizen's Climate Convention: Imagine we do it? the co-creation and dissemination of new imaginaries, in particular with cultural actors.Recently, the movement worked with the authors of the television series Plus Belle La Vie around a narrative arc on the theme of the defense of the rights of nature. By working with cultural actors, new or traditional, On Est Pret seeks to build a bridge between science and popular culture, to raise awareness of the issues and through e to positive emotions, to get as many citizens as possible to take action..."

What was the trigger for the launch of the On Est Prêt movement?

"When Nicolas Hulot, Minister for the Ecological and Solidarity Transition, announced his resignation live on the radio on August 28, 2018, Magali Payen had already federated since June a collective of influential personalities on social media in order to launch a campaign around the climate. in the fall. The former minister declared: “the French are not ready to change...”

3 months later, on November 22, 2018, in the midst of the yellow vests crisis, the movement was launched, without any real status, with a campaign name that imposed itself: WE ARE READY!

Concerned by the state of the planet, Magali Payen sought to answer the question: how to mobilize young people? By using the right spokespersons, the right role models who liven up the Facebook, Instagram and YouTube news feeds every day. By bringing together a collective of web creators filming themselves carrying out challenges for the climate, the movement has made the question of ecology accessible and cool to the general public.

What are the subjects that are close to your heart and that you defend in your actions?

"There is no one subject that wins out, we would like to cover them all! What we are trying to make our community understand is the systemic aspect of change. We cannot talk about the environment if we do not talk about climate, biodiversity, social justice and democracy. We can no longer afford to think in silos, we must consider the transition as a transition of all sectors of society, and of all.te .s without exception. This is also why it seemed important to us to give visibility to the citizens' Vests initiative of the Citizens' Convention for the Climate, which we have covered from start to finish."

How to Engage: A Beginner's Guide?

"The #onestpret campaigns are intended for everyone and wish to propose concrete actions that are easy to implement on an individual or collective scale. You can find all the videos and challenges on our Facebook and YouTube accounts. it's never too late to get started!"

Why did you launch a collaboration with Oé?

"Convinced that the transition involves rethinking the content of our plates and our glasses, Oe is totally in line with this new vision right down to the design of the bottle. It is important for us to continue to raise awareness by surprising our community and I don't think they expect to see us on bottles of wine! It's a great opportunity to do some lobbying around a sector where a part of taboo reigns: wine making our national pride, it is indeed difficult to argue that viticulture must absolutely progress. And above all, it allows us to support companies on the question of the new imaginations that drive us: what will our society look like in 20 years? can we continue to drink wine, in what form? grown, produced and transported in what way? We must anticipate these questions to build enviable alternatives, and avoid falling into the paralysis of an im dystopian aginary. It is thanks to positive imaginations that we will be able to engage in a massive mobilization to defend a society that respects all the living."

What message to pass on to future generations? And to our parents?

"The On Est Prêt movement has defined 5 golden rules and we invite every citizen, of all ages and sensitivities, to take hold of them:

• We carry our messages with joy

Our story dreams of the world of tomorrow so that we can truly create it together. #BeInspiring

• We are realistic

Our stories are based on scientific data (they are alarming) to inspire action. #StayClear

• You don't wait to be perfect to speak up

We know that perfection is not of this world and we encourage those who sincerely want to progress. #ActNow

• We change the model, at all scales

At the same time, we encourage individual gestures and challenge politicians and industrialists. #New culture

• We use constructive language

Without feeling guilty or giving lessons, we embody a momentum for, not a fight against. #GoodVibes

We invite you to discover this collaboration to travel in time right here. Are you ready to arrive in 2040?

The On Est Prêt x Oé collaboration

You understood it well, Oé the deliciously committed brand and the On Est Prêt movement are moving forward hand in hand to ask you about your vision of the future and all that we will have changed and improved in 20 years if we play the game all together .

Discover the Oé x On Est Prêt collaboration

Oé donates 10% of its sales to the On Est Prêt movement to support them in their actions! Through this collaboration, we want to spark discussions, provoke debates while allowing ourselves to dream, to project ourselves, to imagine a future, your future. Around a bottle, with family or friends, let's strengthen our imaginations to be able to realize them over the next 20 years. Are you ready ? Health !

*Alcohol abuse is dangerous for health

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And we invite you to discover the pioneers who started to launch the movement to change things

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