Les idées cadeaux pour un noël éthique

Gift ideas for an ethical Christmas

Christmas is coming soon. With the Oé team, we racked our brains to find some great gift ideas for you to spend a truly enjoyable Christmas . Let's go ?

Budget small seeds (+ or - 10 euros)

First idea: offer something alive! We are of course talking about seeds to grow lavender , sunflowers or even a kit to grow a pastis plant . Its smell will bring you back in summer, during your petanque games.

Second idea, if you don't have a green thumb: you can offer organic Pukka herbal teas of lime blossom, mint or even dandelion. Pukka is a B Corp company (the most demanding CSR label in the world, yes!) like Oé. Isn't that beautiful? With these herbal teas and a plaid, you are ready to face winter and impress your colleagues for the team Secret Santa.

Third idea: a local beer or a bottle of organic wine Oé 😀

Start- up budget (less than 25 euros)

For the more adventurous among you, we have the guide that will make you want to travel without taking a plane: The Chilowé micro-adventure bible . 208 pages of ideas, small addresses, selection of equipment, portraits and practical guides to discover France, equip yourself less but better and trudge without leaving a trace. After reading this bible, you will want to grab your bag and go, sail at your own pace towards new horizons. A way of life close to nature and listening to it.

For the greediest , we suggest you offer good Valrhona organic chocolate. Valrhona is a company that we really like at Oé. Already because our team of gourmets finds their chocolate extraordinary and, icing on the cake, Valrhona is certified B Corp with the aim of creating a fairer and more sustainable cocoa sector. Rather a nice mission, isn't it? So between the grand cru tasting boxes (no, we are not talking about wine, but chocolates), the equinox boxes (where the almonds and hazelnuts are coated in chocolate), the chocolate ballotins , or the 12 truffle creation boxes , There is something for every taste.

If you are greedy and adventurous (well… rather reckless), you can make your own… fromage frais ! No, you are not going to turn into a cow, nor go on an internship on a farm (even if it can be a good gift idea). We have found a great kit for you with a jar and a reusable mould, lactic ferments, a sachet of liquid rennet, chives and recipes. All you have to do is add milk and you're done. A good fresh, homemade and organic cheese awaits you. At table !

Green plant budget (less than 50 euros)

With this budget in your bag, you can offer a concert (and at the same time support the artistic sector). Whether it's pop, country, rap, opera, ballet, a comedy show... everything is possible according to your desires and tastes!

Former great sportsman, are you retired? You can opt for a trendy accessory with materials that are also “retired”. If you are told La Vie Est Belt that speaks to you, doesn't it? La Vie Est Belt designs and manufactures eco-responsible accessories in upcycled materials, made in the north of France in solidarity workshops. So having a nice belt made of used bicycle tire, climbing rope or fire hose is classy.

Finally we have THE gift to offer to your sister, your father, your aunt, your friend, your colleague... or even to you. I name the beautiful, the good discovery box . With 6 Oé wines, you can discover many flavors. This box is composed of a Vaucluse Principality of Orange (a little marvel), an excellent red Côtes-du-Rhone , a white Bordeaux , a red Languedoc , a red Bordeaux and a white Languedoc . As much to tell you that you will enjoy yourself.

To find the discovery box

And if you want an even more festive box, you can opt for L'iconique , with inside, among other things, a Châteauneuf-du-Pape and a Crémant d'Alsace .

To discover the iconic

Beautiful tree budget (less than 100 euros)

"Well, for Christmas I want to mark the occasion and make a nice gift." Ok, no worries, the Oé 007 team is there to guide you. If you have a little less than 100 euros in your bag, you can offer a nice sweater from Asphalte . Asphalt is less clothes, more quality. Beautiful brands like Patine , Côtelé or ForLife also have great suggestions for a great gift.

To put an end to the excesses of the textile industry (the overproduction of cotton), they have reversed the classic sales model. They involve customers in the creation, then they make a prototype, pre-orders, they manufacture and then deliver! The perfect sweater as they call it will be perfect for spending a warm winter, while remaining classy and friendly with the planet.

And once you have a sweater, to go to work you need… a backpack! And for that, the Faguo brand makes great bags in recycled cotton or polyester . Hyper trends, you will have the coast as much on your bike as while strolling around town.

Faguo embodies Fair Fashion by not compromising between its artistic direction and its mission. Company B Corp, it engages its generation against climate change, and that, we really like at Oé!

Budget Patagonian Cypress

Finally, if you want to blow up the budget for Christmas, we offer you other responsible ideas.

A first useful idea is to offer beautiful, well-produced shoes . When I say that, of course I have some brand ideas in mind. The famous Veja , the no less famous Faguo or the rising stars Flamingos Life . Everyone has their own preferences.

To differentiate them, I will give you 2 or 3 indications as to the production of these brands: VEJA uses Brazilian and Peruvian organic cotton for the fabrics and laces, rubber from Amazonia for the soles and various innovative materials designed in bottles of recycled plastic and polyester. VEJA sneakers are produced in Brazil in factories that respect workers' rights.

On the side of Flamingos Life , the shoes are produced in Spain and each of their sneaker collection is associated with a social project with which they manage to balance their impact and improve the lives of the most vulnerable living beings. The choice is yours ;)

Finally, to create unforgettable memories thanks to your gift, you can offer… an experience. Whether it's a snowshoeing weekend in the Alps, learning about life in the forest with the family or a night in an igloo in Savoie, there's something for everyone thanks to Chilowé . They are part of the 1% for the Planet movement: a network of companies that undertake to donate 1% of their annual turnover to environmental associations. And that speaks to us. At Oé, we also donate 1% for the planet and 1% of our turnover to the Oé Program to help them go beyond organic.

So in all these ideas, we hope that you will find your happiness to make that of your loved ones. With a responsible Christmas, everything is more enjoyable.

Ps: for the curious, for lovers of pretty packaging, we offer you reusable alternatives to traditional gift paper at Paké or right here 👇🏼

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