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Responsible wedding: should I go through a wedding planner?

Oé, today we are talking about the organization of the wedding . Place of reception, decoration, wedding menu , there are things to plan for this beautiful day. And there are people who take care of all the preparations for you: the wedding planners. Some even specialize in responsible marriages. We present to you all the advantages of going through an eco-responsible wedding planner . Let's go !

The history of wedding planners

Those who have seen Le sens de la fête , still remember the excellent Jean-Pierre Bacri in the role of the head of ceremony in charge of organizing a colorful wedding. We reassure you, in reality, wedding planners are not grumpy like him.

Wedding planners at the cinema

On the contrary, their goal is to make your life easier. You can trust them with your eyes closed. The wedding planners are attentive and inventive professionals who show kindness and great availability so that your day is perfect and in your image. Today, the profession is getting good press so much so that the cinema has already made it the subject of films, it is to tell you if the profession hits the mark in the minds of the French.

They are also called “ Bridal Consultant ” in the United States or “ Wedding Consultant” in England. Behind all these terms hides the same function. The wedding planner, as the name suggests, is a wedding planner . He organizes your wedding in the same way as a travel planner would for your vacation or an architect for the construction of your house. The wedding planner offers a support and coaching service for the organization of your day, coordinates all the steps and calls on the right craftsmen and service providers. He searches for the place and the caterer, takes care of the decoration and the layout of the place, the animation and the photography and helps you to find and organize the relations with the other providers (designers of dresses, jewelers ). The day before and on D-Day, he is there to set up the room, manage logistics and welcome guests.

Our wines for your wedding

In the United States, it is estimated that more than 80% of American weddings are organized by wedding planners . It's crazy, right? In France, bride and groom are still a little shy, about 10% of them use their services for their wedding. The profession has now taken a step forward and thanks to word of mouth, wedding planners are gradually becoming part of people's minds. When we take a look at our past, we realize that wedding planners have ancestors in the history of France. Are you ready for the little culture minute?

You have to go back to the 16th century to discover a profession similar to that of today's wedding planners . In 1585, Henri III created the office of Grand Masters of Ceremonies, whose purpose was to take care of the organization of all the public ceremonies of the crown. Their scope of expertise ranges from royal feasts to royal family weddings. For example, they take care of the logistics, the coordination of the workers, the budget and the planning of the event. A century later, the profession developed with the appearance of the administration of Menus-Plaisir du Roi, responsible for the ceremonies of the court. Today, you no longer need to be a king to have your wedding organized by a professional, everyone can call on a wedding planner .


Benefits of hiring a wedding planner

Win time

It's no secret that a wedding takes time to prepare. And it's not easy to find that free time when you work all week. The wedding planner is here to ease your mind and save you time. It helps you find the providers at the best prices and even unearths real nuggets and great finds so that everyone, bride and groom and guests, have a memorable day.

Have more ideas and stick to your budget

We often have ideas in our heads when it comes to wedding preparations and very often, we have trouble sorting them out or defining them concretely. For others, it is sometimes the lack of ideas that can slow down your approach. The wedding planner listens to all your desires and uses his creativity without exceeding your budget. With his address book, he knows exactly who he should contact so that your limit is not exceeded. You can trust him, he has already scored many tries.

be zen

The Wedding Planner organizes your reception , the menu of your wedding meal, the quantity of bottles to be provided or the choice of wines and dishes , he is there to take care of everything with the caterer and the service providers that he will have chosen. Everything is planned so as not to leave room for the unexpected. You can rest on his shoulder, he takes care of everything.

The wines where invites itself to the wedding

Some wedding planners even have à la carte formulas, they can intervene on weddings that have already started their preparations to take over, take care of the coordination of the speakers during the day and the evening and even take care of themselves. of the style and decoration of the place of reception without calling on a decorator. For the place, whether you are country or exotic style , alpine chalet or rather provincial castle , you just have to let your desires know and your organizer will take care of finding rare pearls so that your day is perfect. For entertainment, games and musical choices, he finds original and inventive ideas: tasting stands, chocolate fountain, blind test, concert or dance battle, all you have to do is give him your own ideas or to let you guide.

Eco-responsible wedding planners

More and more brides are concerned about the environmental impact that their marriage can have. A traditional wedding produces an average of 15 tons of CO2, it's far too much, we agree. If you are reading us today, it means that you are sensitive to the environment and that you are committed to organizing an event in accordance with your values. And that's where your eco-responsible wedding planner comes in.

They find sustainable and responsible solutions : a seasonal, local, vegetarian friendly menu with a caterer , facilities such as eco-responsible nomadic tents and sustainably managed wooden structures (FSC) to host your reception , he finds dress designers hired for your wedding dress. You can find eco-responsible wedding-planners near you wherever you are in France, such as Sarah Rozan in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, Ma Vie de Bohème in Paris or My Green Event . They take care of organizing a beautiful planet-friendly wedding for you . From announcements to gifts from the bride and groom to the choice of wedding rings , nothing is left to chance.

And yes, there are responsible tips for every element of your wedding. For example, you can find an organic and fair trade wedding dress and suit at Elsa Gary orLa Sève , invitations made from recycled paper and wedding rings made from ethical diamonds or recycled gold like at Or du Monde or even Paulette on a Bicycle . The choices are not lacking, your wedding planner is there to advise you and give you all his good addresses.

A wedding at the top

And of course, who says eco-responsible wedding, says good organic wine for your reception and the wedding meal? Oé wines are perfect to accompany the menu that your wedding planner has planned with the caterer. Red , white , crémant , there is something for all tastes and for all dishes. We let you discuss it with the wedding planner of your choice. Less stress, more fun for you and good for the planet. In short, a marriage that combines the good with the good, in the team, we say yes!

Ps: if you want to taste organic wines for your wedding, we offer you the tasting box if you place an order for your wedding day!

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