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Oé, we are committed to the planet every day!

Today, April 22, 2021, is Earth Day! And what a great opportunity to tell you about the actions we put in place on a daily basis to always do better, and protect our beautiful planet to live more serenely and leave a peaceful place for generations to come. So here we go, we take stock of the latest advances!

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Organic, vegan & zero pesticide wine

Let's start at the beginning: If you're here reading us today, it's probably because you've heard of Oé and the wines, or you've been following us for some time. And if you're here, it's mainly because you want to commit a little more to the planet. So yes, you are in the right place! Our wines are organic, vegan, zero pesticides and produced hand in hand with Oé winegrowers.

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Deposit of wine bottles

Last September, we launched the first deposit tests in the Rhône-Alpes region and now we are proud to tell you that the deposit is live in almost all of France. It is thanks to all the players who are mobilizing that we will be able to bring the deposit back to all cities and everywhere. We wrote an article on the subject, if you want to know more 👉🏼 it's here .

Bulk wine with Jean Bouteille

In March, we launched our partnership with Jean Bouteille to offer good bulk wine. Jean Bouteille is the best actor who offers all bulk liquids! The partner grocery stores offer customers the option of helping themselves to their bottles or Jean Bouteilles of organic wine in bulk. A choice of three IGP Méditerranée dresses : a red, a white, a rosé produced hand in hand with Brice, Oé winemaker in Arles .

You have already given us a warm welcome to bulk wine and to this partnership with Jean Bouteille. So thanks !

Bulk Customer Reviews

For the curious, we tell you more in this article on bulk wines to present the reasons for our collaboration. And we suggest you find all the points of sale of recorded and bulk wine on our map 👉🏼 here .

Bottled by you

Zero Waste Logistics

Since Sonia's arrival in the team, beautiful mountains have moved. She succeeded in shaking up the world of logistics and helping us to implement zero waste logistics . For the moment, we are proud to say that 9 of our 12 wine references are delivered in metal boxes; some of our grocery stores, restaurants and wine merchants are delivered directly from our bottlers in returnable boxes; the glassines (the support of the label) are recycled and recyclable and are delivered in bulk to our bottler. The labels are made of recycled paper and the bottles are optimized for washing and reuse. The box in which we send the wines to you when you order online has been reworked to use less cardboard and be stronger at the same time. To find out more, Sonia talks about it in a permanent story on our instagram account 👉🏼 It's over here!

Oé, the B corp and Ecofarms labels

We have been labeled B Corp since 2017 with 97.9 points out of 200 (don't worry, the average to be able to obtain the label is 82 points. You see we are well above ;)).

B Corp is the label that certifies that our company was created for the common good. We don't want to be the best in the world, but the best FOR the world.

To learn more about the B Corp label, we suggest you read one of our blog articles that we wrote on the subject.

We work in parallel with our winegrowers and the Ecofarms label to get them certified. To date, we already have 3 analyzes from our winegrowers and are waiting for the rest to be able to tell you more about them.

The Oé Program for Biodiversity

We told you about it a few months ago, the famous Oé Program for Biodiversity ! We designed this Program to raise awareness in our community and help Oé winegrowers push the envelope further in their commitments. We dedicate 1% of our turnover to implementing concrete actions for winegrowers via the crowdfunding platform Miimosa and helping them on the path to Ecofarms certification, which we have just told you about in the previous paragraph.

Do you have ideas to give us or topics you would like to discuss with us? Write to us at , we look forward to hearing from you!

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Un Noël simple, c’est quoi exactement ?

Oé, on vous emmène avec nous pour relever une mission des plus importantes : revenir à l’essentiel et embarquer pour un futur durable. Si vous nous lisez ici, c'est que vous faites (normalement) partie des 30% des français qui aiment le vin. Comme pour tout, la meilleure façon de réduire ses émissions est de ne pas consommer. On ne peut pas s'arrêter de boire ni de manger. On peut juste décider de le faire mieux. Et d'avoir un impact moindre en buvant bon, bien, mieux pour la planète.  Ne pas boire de vin est l'option #1, on est la #2. On vous propose de passer un beau noël aussi bon pour vous que pour la planète. Vous êtes prêt pour le top départ d’un Noël responsable ? 3,2,1… C’est parti ! 

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Wine and deposit: Oé relaunches the deposit on wine bottles

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A few months ago, we created our first organic and committed wines that we send to you in 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. We wanted to go even further, which is why we created the Oé program for biodiversity in the vineyards . The goal ? Raise awareness in our community of environmental issues and help our winegrowers to go ever further in their efforts in the vineyard and in the cellar.


Since September 2017, the Oé team has been proud to be certified B Corp. After long months of implementation, we are happy to announce that our recertification has been validated with a marked improvement since we have obtained 97.9 points, or 16.3 points more than during our first certification in 2017! If you want to know more about the label and the actions we are implementing at Oé, we tell you more in this article.
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