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PinotBleu becomes Oé to commit even more!

We have decided to change our name! Not on a whim, no no. But rather after long reflection on the vision we have of the future and where we want to go with the team. It's decided, we become !

In PinotBleu we liked… blue: the color of wisdom, of serenity. And not the blue wine which still remains a mystery! We also loved the bird, which for us represents freedom, and the titmouse, precious partners of the vines in combating harmful insects. And the famous native Burgundy grape variety ''Pinot'', even if it is not very representative of the richness of organic wines. Loving a business name is good. That it is understood by everyone and that it appeals to our customers is much better.

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It was time to change!

So we thought, tested, backtracked, forward, with or without a bird, to finally… Oh, come to an agreement.

In Oé we find the O of oenology and the E of commitment. The bird is still there. It is positioned as an accent so that Oé is pronounced ''Ho Hé''; a way for us to challenge you on new ways of consuming wine on a daily basis.

Good through good is a state of mind. It's doing good by consuming good products for the planet. Because drinking good wine that respects the planet is doing good. We are delighted to have you embark with us on this new adventure! And we can't wait to let you discover all our new projects: organic wine, collaborations, B Corp certification, Oé Program for biodiversity, labels of all kinds, etc.

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We do good by drinking good wine. Because today the vine is less than 4% of agriculture and more than 20% of pesticides . Grapes are the most pesticidal fruit. It's sad. So we decided to shake the bunch with you! What you will uncork with Oé: good wine, 100% organic and vegan , committed winegrowers, preserved biodiversity, good with B Corp & a team that opens it!

To find out more about our commitments, discover our manifesto!

Our B Corp Certification

We have been certified since 2017 and we were recertified in September 2020 after passing the famous B Corp questionnaire. We are proud to say that we have progressed by 16.3 points in 3 years by implementing numerous actions such as the deposit for the reuse of our organic wine bottles , a salary grid accessible to all and transparent, to make all our carbon-neutral operations, to have set up a compost in the co-ownership which brings together 15 companies, etc. All these actions revolve around impactful subjects such as corporate life, employee well-being, ecology and good relations with our stakeholders. If you want to know more about our B Corp recertification, we suggest you read this article 👉🏼 here .

Our organic wines Oé

When we were PinotBleu, we selected wines from winegrowers from all over France to offer them on our site to our customers and to companies via business gifts, works councils, etc. Thanks to this great experience, we have forged strong ties with our winegrowers whom we choose carefully. Since the beginning of the adventure, we have been seeing them regularly and do not hesitate to ask them for advice on the technical part of the job. Since May 2020, we have decided to launch our own cuvées that we produce hand in hand with the winegrowers. For some organic wines , we make the blends to offer you the most consensual wine possible and the best for your health since all our organic wines are vegan and zero pesticides (certified on 425 molecules by the independent laboratory Capinov).

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