Vin Oé : Le Vaucluse Principauté d’Orange, ses caractéristiques et son vigneron

Vin Oé: The Vaucluse Principality of Orange, its characteristics and its winemaker

Oh organic wine lovers! We have decided to present our wines to you one by one, from the appellation to the winemaker so that you can distinguish them and find the wine that will delight you for the meal ;-)

The Vaucluse Principality of Orange appellation

The characteristics of wine

The Vaucluse Principality of Orange is a wine from the Rhone Valley. This cuvée is mainly composed of Marselan , which is a black grape variety (variety of grapes) born from a cross between the Cabernet Sauvignon and Grenache noir grape varieties . The tannins are silky, it is easy to match. It is a wine of pleasure that can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with grilled vegetables.

👁 Beautiful ruby ​​color

👃🏽 Nose of crunchy red fruits

👄 Fruity, fresh and pleasant palate

🍇 Grapes: 95% Marselan, 5% Grenache Noir

🌡 To be enjoyed between 15 and 17°

💡 Refresh slightly before tasting

Fabien, Oé winemaker in Bollène

Oé wine explained by Valérie, our oenologist

We called on our oenologist Valérie to explain to you more in depth the secrets revealed by this organic wine: “ We selected this wine because we thought the appellation was original. It is a beautiful appellation, but it is not yet known. In tasting, we were seduced by the simplicity of the wine, the pleasant fruit, super crunchy, and the sweetness of the wine. It was a revelation after immediate pleasure. The sound of the “Principality of Orange” reminded me a lot of the Princess of Monaco (laughs). In this case it rather refers to the popes who were in Avignon. I find that there is a kind of nobility in this appellation.

The winemaker with whom we produced it

Fabien is the winemaker Oé with whom we produce the Vaucluse Principality of Orange cuvée. Located in Bollène, we met him to discuss his commitments and his passion for the vines.

Can you tell us about the history of the estate?

“My grandfather bought the estate in 1972 and my father built the cellar twenty years later in the 1990s. I arrived at the estate in 2009. (...) We obtained certification in organic farming in 2010 and as we are surrounded by forests, we never needed to use insecticides on our vines. (...) There are also quite a few bats and swallows on the estate, so I think that plays a big role in the health of our vineyard .”

 What challenges do you encounter in the vineyard?

“We are in a fairly windy region so we have fewer disease problems, except in 2018. (…) We have recorded a loss of 70% of our harvest due to mildew. Apart from this episode, growing organic in our region is still easier than elsewhere. We only use between 1 and 2 kg of copper per hectare per year.”

How do you respond to the attacks of copper and sulfur?

“Of the annual treatments that I do on my vines, there are conventional ones that put in 2 treatments what I do in one year. Last year I was at less than a kilo of copper per hectare. (...)”

To read the full interview, go 👉🏼 here

We visited Fabien and his domain on July 1st, discover a preview of the video we made on him.

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