Nos idées cadeaux pour Noël

Our gift ideas for a responsible Christmas

What if this year, we had a committed Christmas ? Christmas is an opportunity to share a good time in good company. And when we combine the pleasure of the moment with ecology and respect for the planet, we make the party even more beautiful. To spend a responsible Christmas , it goes through small gestures that make all the difference. Like choosing a tree from an FSC -certified forest or made from reusable wood, opting for a vegetarian and organic Christmas menu or choosing environmentally friendly gifts, for example. Your gifts can be Made in France and wrapped in reusable packaging or furoshikis, you just have to find the ideas that suit you best. You do not know where to start to know what gift to offer ? We help you a little with our best positive and ethical gift ideas. Let's go !

1. A responsible beauty product

Taking care of your skin while taking care of the planet is possible! There are many committed cosmetic brands that we could call cosm'ethical brands.

Brands likeLa Crème Libre, Wake me up Paris or Caudalie use natural ingredients and say no to undesirables. Caudalie also donates 1% of its turnover to environmental associations for reforestation. Cannon, right?

Matthieu de la com can no longer do withoutHorace brand products . Horace is the brand of natural care for men: face products, soaps, hair care and even perfume, there is something for every moment of everyday life. The brand's products are between 95 and 100% natural, Made in France and the brand also donates 1% of their turnover to environmental protection organizations such as the Surfrider Foundation. In the team, it's a big yes!

To discover our favorite brands, it's here:

2. A bouquet of dried flowers with Flowrette

Ah, the infamous bouquet of flowers, the nice thing about it is that it works for almost every occasion. On the other hand, did you know that there was a more sustainable and committed alternative to offer for the holidays? You can opt for a bouquet of dried flowers like those offered by Flowrette . Flowrette breaks out of the conventional lines with its rustic-looking dried flower bouquets, wrapped only in a simple kraft sheet to be as responsible as possible.

Do you want to discover the universe of the brand? It's this way !

3. Our Oé boxes

For your loved ones who love wine, Oé invites itself to the party and takes part in the magic of Christmas.

We offer you the best organic wine produced by winegrowers who are committed to biodiversity . We deliver to you as soon as possible in pretty recycled and recyclable boxes and we limit our waste in logistics. Our bottles are also designed to be as ecological as possible from content to container with our bottles from the deposit, our FSC natural cork stoppers and our recycled paper labels. With an Oé box, you can make a good, committed and unique gift. And yes, you can compose your boxes as you wish, choose your bottles and add a sweet note that we will write for you to your loved one.

Our Oé boxes

Celebrate Christmas with good organic wines!

And if you don't know which bottles to choose, we also select our wines for you. Christmas is often the occasion to uncork a good bottle of sparkling wine and take out a good bottle of wine. With the Le Trio wine box, you can offer your loved one three good prestigious bottles, a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru , a Châteauneuf-du-Pape , of our delicious Crémant . Something to enjoy and make the holidays sparkle.

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If you hesitate between red, white or rosé wine, we have thought of you. With our box Le trio 3 robes, you will give the opportunity to discover three types of wine: a red Côtes-du-Rhône , a white Languedoc and a Mediterranean rosé.

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And if you want to have even more choices, that's possible too. With our Iconic and Discovery boxes , you can offer your guests 6 different bottles. And with the Oé gift card, you don't even have to worry about wine selection. You choose your amount and you let your loved one choose. So is not life beautiful !

The Oé cado card

4. A Maison Tchin-Tchin candle

At the start of the school year, we were happy to announce our collaboration with Maison Tchin-Tchin . Maison Tchin-Tchin is quite simply the first French brand of scented candles with grape variety aromas and eco-responsible design. We are particularly proud of this collaboration because it allows us to introduce you to a committed brand and to offer you a unique sensory and olfactory experience.

Maison Tchin-Tchin uses natural products as much as possible to make its candles, such as soy wax, in addition to being Made in France. Cock-a-doodle Doo ! The container of the candles is made of glass from recycled bottles and their cork cap is made of wine corks. Recycling, we love it and we offer you our collaboration in two formats: the Oé x Maison Tchin-Tchin candle simply or accompanied by two bottles of Côtes-du-Rhône.

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5. A pair of committed sneakers with Veja and Zèta

Veja and Zèta are original brands on the sneaker market. Veja is an ecological French brand, respectful of the environment and resulting from fair trade. She makes her sneakers out of polyester and recycled rubber. The brand supports many associations around the world and in France.

Zèta pushes the concept even further with its sneakers made from grape pomace. The concept is simple, promote the use of recycled products and a circular economy for the good of the planet. In the team, it's a big yes!

Zeta sneakers

To find out more about these vegan and committed brands, it's here: ,

6. A tasting workshop in a domain near you

How about offering a tasting workshop to your most oenophile loved ones? Don't worry, neophytes can just as well take advantage of it and learn lots of things about wine during masterclasses around wine at wine merchants near you.

Nysa cellars offer this kind of workshops in some of their stores to pass on all their knowledge to you, so you might as well take advantage of them, don't you think? Nysa wine merchants are present in Lyon, Paris and even in London, to discover a store that will organize a tasting workshop for your loved ones, it's here!

7. A Morpheus to sleep better and take care of yourself

We all have very busy lives, especially around the end of the year. On the other hand, taking the time to relax and meditate to take care of yourself is important. And for that, the Morpheus box is there for you. Morphée is a box that contains several hundred meditation and sophrology sessions to learn how to rest and meditate. You can use it in the evening at bedtime to help you refocus on yourself or during the day to take time for yourself and relax. Nothing could be simpler, just turn the different keys to program your session and you're done.

The Morpheus box

8. Responsible clothing with Patagonia and Asphalte

Patagonia is the committed clothing brand par excellence. In the team, we are all fans and especially Thomas, our co-founder, who loves the brand. In addition to offering quality and eco-responsible clothing, they are committed to the environment and the fight against global warming and support associations via the 1% for the planet program . Sweaters, jackets, t-shirts, pants, there is something for all seasons and for all budgets.

Patagonia Logo

More and more brands are concerned about their impact on the environment. Asphalte , for example, has chosen not to overproduce and to bring its manufacturing sites as close as possible to France in addition to manufacturing sustainable clothing.

And if you are looking for a responsible fashion partner to guide you in your purchases, you can call on We Dress Fair . On their online store, the We Dress Fair team offers comparisons and analyzes to help you buy stylish, trendy and planet-friendly clothes, all with full awareness. You can also find this beautiful band in their shop on the slopes of Croix-Rousse in Lyon.

9. The book “It starts with me”

In early January, we launched a collaboration with the movement Ça Commence Par Moi founded by Julien Vidal, author of several books including “ Ça commence par moi ”.

Our desire was to put the subject of ecology and the small gestures that make a difference on a daily basis at the heart of the discussions.

Box it starts with me

With the book “ It starts with me ”, it's the perfect opportunity to awaken your loved ones and create new topics for discussion on the subject of ecology. To learn more about Ça Commence Par Moi, we invite you to learn more about Julien Vidal here!

10. The Ticket for Change manifesto

What do you do in life ? is the manifesto of the Ticket for Change movement. Written by Matthieu and Joséphine, they start from a simple principle, it is the action of each one that can change the planet. And since we spend most of our time at work, it is through work that we can invent a new mode of society.

The book offers food for thought, ideas and concrete examples to transform our professional life into an impactful career. Something to inspire everyone: employees, entrepreneurs, students. On our side, we loved it!

Ticket for change book

11. A vegetable garden

In the team, we like gifts that have meaning. If you offer a vegetable garden , it's the guarantee of surprising your loved ones and making a gesture for farmers, local producers, and for the environment, and that's what we like.

Good fruits and vegetables , grown with love, it's a gift that really pleases, don't you think? And it's also an opportunity to share delicious meals with your loved ones. Either way, we agree!

And since we're not going to leave each other without giving you a few last little tips, to be sure to hit the bullseye this year and please your loved ones, you can call on the Éthi'Kdo card . Whether you want to offer a responsible gift and you lack ideas, Ethi'Kdo is the first ecological, ethical and responsible gift card. You choose your amount and your loved one will choose the responsible brand and the gift they want, isn't life beautiful?

And to organize your gift lists with your loved ones, you can use the Boonjy connected wishlist . You create your gift list, you ask your loved ones for their lists and voila! Each will be able to access the list of the other, all without asking anything. The platform even helps you find the best ideas for committed gifts for responsible consumption . Cannon, right?


We hope to have given you plenty of responsible ideas to spoil your loved ones for the holidays. Do not hesitate to send us all your other gift ideas at . We will share them with pleasure. This year at Christmas, we do good with good.

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