Bars à vin naturel : la nouvelle tendance des bars à vins

Natural wine bars: the new trend in wine bars

If there is one place that makes everyone agree, it's the bar. Small, large, modern, retro, gastro or bistro atmosphere, in a bar you feel good and there is something for everyone. Today, we are talking to you about natural wine bars , a concept that is becoming more and more popular.

A natural wine bar, kesako?

Is it really necessary to remember what a bar is ? Necessary we don't think, but just for fun, we'll do it. The bass is a very good fish and it is also a place where there is life , a place where you meet with friends, family or lovers to enjoy a moment of escape, a good glass in hand, tapas to nibble on and lots of stories to tell. Sometimes when we walk, the simple fact of passing next to a full terrace, where we can see smiles emerging, glances being exchanged and glasses clinking, fills us with joy.

What we love about bars is their great diversity. There are identical bar chains, like restaurant chains, but most bars are authentic creations, unique places of independent traders who have created a cocoon place in their image. In addition to the choice of decoration, the layout of the tables and the place itself, the owner also chooses his wine list and his assortments of aperitifs . Getting settled is one thing, eating and drinking well is another.

According to the feedback from our partner bars and restaurants , you really like our wines on the table and on the terrace, it makes us very happy and we thank you for this good feedback.

Our little finger tells us that the moment of choosing the menu of his “wine bar” as our English neighbors say, must be one of the most satisfying moments. Taste the local products and immerse yourself in the tasting of different wines with different vintages , different terroirs , different blends and different appellations to find the nuggets to serve to customers, the dream! We even discover in some bars wines from around the world that transport us to a different cultural atmosphere, with aromas and flavors that make us travel.

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In short, the bar is the ideal place for wine lovers who want to have a good time and discover little taste wonders.

At Oé , it's Fx and Valérie , our oenology experts who travel around France to find the best wines , these nuggets that we assemble with the Oé winegrowers.

Natural wine, star of bars in 2021

Isn't wine necessarily natural? Not quite. Winegrowers do not yet have the power to transform water into wine, at least not with the snap of their fingers. To obtain this sweet beverage, the grapes from the vineyard must be transformed following the winemaking process . Viticulture and viniculture are not basic natural, they can be conventional, so let's see the methods of a natural wine together .

What is natural viticulture?

To make good natural wine, you need healthy, non-pesticidal grapes that breathe fresh air. Far from conventional viticulture , winegrowers who produce natural wine follow the principles of organic viticulture by using natural fertilizers to protect the soil in an effective and responsible way.

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Filled with love and fresh water, the natural grapes contain a healthy juice and the winegrowers do not stop there, the natural cultivation process goes all the way to the harvest . For harvesting , there are two options: either by hand or using a harvesting machine . Even if the harvesting machines are not Ferraris, it is still much faster than the hand of man. You surely know La Fontaine's fable about the hare and the tortoise, speed and haste should not be confused. Harvesting by hand is a long-term job, which requires time and energy but which is less aggressive for the vine . It is therefore on their two legs and equipped with their secateurs that the winegrowers who produce natural wine harvest the bunches of grapes to ensure that they have the best fruit with the most tender treatment possible.

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What is natural viniculture?

That's it, the grapes are in the cellar , ready to be vinified . Once again, the winemaker uses his hands and his heart to produce good wine. The credo of winegrowers who produce natural wine is to get as close as possible to the original juice. There are like airs of Adam and Eve. To find the good taste of the wine without it being denatured by external elements, the winegrowers limit the inputs and additives as much as possible , there are almost none in natural wines . Some wines are even called SAINS wines (Without Any Inputs Or Added Sulfites) .

The sulfur levels of natural wines are as low as possible, which gives a completely different flavor to these unique wines. Some are fans, others are more reluctant, in any case these wines are worth the detour and the tasting . That's good because it's in the bars that these wines are beginning to settle down, ready to be enjoyed by any bon vivant.


Why go to a natural wine bar?

After the effort, the comfort, what could be more pleasant than a small drink on the terrace ? If you have other ideas, do not hesitate to share them with us. In any case at Oé, after a long day of work, we love meeting up with friends around a nice bottle of rosé or wines by the glass to toast to health !

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We drink to our health of course and also to that of the planet . If was born, it is because we are convinced that in our consumption we can do better every day. The vine is 4% agriculture and 20% pesticides , according to our memories of high school math, the calculations are not good and we want to change that, especially since pesticide-free wines are possible . Here is the proof, all our wines are organic, vegan and without chemical pesticides , so they are suitable for everyone, even the planet.

You can find our wines on our site , and also at your grocer , your wine merchant , in your favorite restaurant or your favorite bar ! If this is not the case, do not hesitate to let us know, we will do everything to come to you.

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In an organic and natural wine bar , we find everything we love and even more. The wine list is often provided with nuggets unknown to the general public with bottles of wine from independent winegrowers who produce in biology , biodynamics and following the natural wine method . The chefs think of everyone, especially your stomachs and you can often treat yourself to dishes from local producers , homemade tapas , platters of charcuterie and local cheeses , yum! In these bars with family bistro atmospheres , there is everything you need to savor your moment of pleasure .

If the trend of natural wine bars is skyrocketing, it is not the result of chance but rather the love of fruit. In recent years, we have been paying more and more attention to what we drink and what we eat, we are becoming aware of environmental issues and we are consuming more responsibly . It's a small step for man and a big step for the planet, we take it!

Discover at home or on the terrace, alone or with our selection of organic, vegan and pesticide-free wines . Treat yourself to our red wines , white wines and rosé wines , controlled designations of origin in our best French organic vineyards .

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