Les 4 idées cadeaux pour faire plaisir à votre papa pour la Fête des Pères 

The 4 gift ideas to please your dad for Father's Day

Father's Day is approaching and you are looking for the perfect gift idea? The Oé team offers you 4 ideas to please your padré !

A shaving treatment or face cream from The Trust Society

Shaving care

Nothing better than products approved by The Trust Society team for your dad to take care of him. With the Oé team, we have made a selection with small onions for its zero waste bathroom : The solid shaving care , The shaving brush , The light day cream . Enough to offer him moments just for him with healthy and environmentally friendly products. For those who don't know, The Trust Society is a zero waste online store where you can find all the products you need to replace your everyday products with sustainable alternatives. Awesome, right?

The Diver Box: a box dedicated to diving for sea lovers

Diver Box

The Diver Box is the first monthly box for divers and sea lovers. This box is made up of equipment for marine and underwater sports such as diving, surfing, sailing, snorkeling, apnea, kayak..., but also products for everyday life in an ocean-friendly version. Each box is adapted according to the profile of each subscriber, each product is designed to please the recipient. The Diver Box offers 4 formulas: the Diver Box Discovery , the Diver Box Silver , the Diver Box Gold and the Diver Box VIP , to be sure to find the box that suits you!

A voucher for a moment in the restaurant

A nice menu, a note specially written for the occasion and a “voucher” to spend some time just for you in the restaurant. I believe that we have one of the best gifts we can give to someone: a quality moment around a good dish and a good bottle. With the Oé team, we obviously suggest that you book one of the Oé partner restaurants to discover good dishes accompanied by good Oé wine. We say that, we say nothing ;)

Homemade pasta Ultimo restaurant Lyon

This delicious pasta comes from the Lyon restaurant Ultimo

The Oé x On Est Prêt box to start the discussion around a good wine

We're Ready Box

We have just launched this new bottle in collaboration with the On Est Prêt movement . We thought of this bottle of the future with the aim of opening discussions at the table or on the terrace on the subject of ecology and better living together by leaping into 2040! The idea? Make your imagination work on the actions we have implemented from the 2020s to 2040 and see what we could do on our scale to improve life in society and our place in this world as eco-citizens.

We invite you to discover more about the movement in this article .

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