Les parfaits accords pour votre mariage

Food and wine pairings for your wedding

That's it, D-Day is coming and you're in the middle of preparing for your wedding . You have chosen your menu for your wedding meal and you are looking for the right wines to accompany it? We give you our best advice so that the food and wine pairings of your wedding have no more secrets for you.

The basics of food and wine pairing for your wedding

By now, you've probably bet on local, seasonal, maybe even vegetarian dishes . And by hitting the bullseye for food and wine pairings , we are sure to delight all guests, even with the most original choices. Trust yourself, if you are happy, the whole assembly will be!

Choose your food and wine pairings for your wedding

Many options are available to you to prepare for your wedding . As for the room, the decoration and the menu, you can call on a wedding planner and a local caterer who will take care of the organization and the dishes for you. We have addresses of eco-responsible service providers to give you, such as Sarah Rozan or Comptoir Sauvage in Lyon . For wines, you can choose your own bottles thanks to the expert advice of your wine merchant or call on us, the Oé team! We give you advice to organize your wedding well, with original creative ideas for your decoration and we share our tips for making your wedding an unforgettable day.

Marriage to create the unique for two

Oé wines

All our Oé wines are organic, vegan and zero pesticides . We work with winegrowers who are committed to producing good wines while respecting the environment and the planet. Some of them even make wine in biodynamic viticulture, do you want to know more about the difference with organic farming ? We explain everything here!

Each of our wines reflects the terroirs of our beautiful wine regions where they are produced. Whether you are from Languedoc , Bordeaux , Bugey , Côtes-du-Rhône or the Mediterranean , you are bound to find a wine that suits you. Our wines are as healthy as they are tasty. We have our wines analyzed by an independent laboratory which guarantees that they are free of pesticide residues and have a sulphite level well below the average for organic wines. Without chemical products or inputs, we ensure that our wines are good for health and in terms of taste, trust us, our winegrowers let the land and the vine express all their flavors: white wines , rosé wines , red and even sparkling wines.

The order of wines during your menu

There are plenty of food and wine pairings for your wedding depending on the dishes and your budget. The simplest rule is to start the meal with the less powerful wines. If you start the festivities with powerful wines, the aromas of the following wines will seem less tasty to you. The ideal is to serve white and light wines before more full-bodied red wines and fresh wines before wines at room temperature. To put it simply, we can help ourselves with tastes and colors. A dry white wine will be perfect with seasonal vegetables. A red wine will be ideal with vegetables such as mushrooms and a rosé will go wonderfully as an aperitif, for example. And for those who wish to offer meat, the color of the dish is generally associated with the color of the wine. Nice story, right?

Similarity agreements also make it possible to aim accurately. A fruity wine for fruity dishes, seafood with a mineral and unoaked white wine , a cooked fruit dessert with a sweet wine or a chocolate fondant with a creamy red wine are pairings that we recommend. We avoid the alliance between bitterness and acidity so no chocolate with champagne and we drop very tannic wines with dishes based on fish. Tannin is a component of red wines present in the skin of the grape and which can give an astringent side to the wine.


Which wines to serve for a vin d'honneur?

For the vin d'honneur, the stars of cocktails are generally dry, semi-dry or sparkling white wines such as Champagne or Crémant , which have the particularity of awakening and whetting the appetite. Sparkling wines are perfect for the festivities like our Crémant d'Alsace produced by Mickaël and Stéphane. Crémant and Champagne are produced using the same method, it's just the regions that change and sometimes the grape varieties. With its aromas of apricot and pear, Crémant has already seduced many bride and groom and guests and will have its place at your wedding table.

Le Crémant

15,80 €

Pinot blanc • Pinot noir • Riesling

You can also offer a royal kir , punch or organic wine and for children and people who do not drink alcohol, fresh and organic fruit juices and non-alcoholic cocktails. For organic wine, dare to move the lines and offer a rosé like a Corbières or a good white Bugey . Have fun, that's all that matters.

Discover all our organic wines for your vin d'honneur!


Food and wine pairings for your wedding meal

Each dish has its own wine. Bordeaux , Côtes-du-Rhône, Languedoc , we are spoiled for choice, so we help you find your way around.

For your starter: sweet wine or dry wine?

For the starter, why not discover the mellow and sweet wines that go well with cheese-based starters such as goat cheese toast with honey or a vegetarian salad with walnuts and Comté, for example?

You can also offer a dry white like our white Languedoc with raw vegetables or a rachel salad for example. Choosing the type of wine really depends on your entree. Do not hesitate to contact us for more advice on food and wine pairings.

Le Languedoc

10,80 €

Grenache • Syrah • Carignan

For your main dish: white wine, full-bodied or supple red wine?

White wine goes well with sweet dishes. White Bordeaux is perfect with vegetarian options with green vegetables such as spinach or seasonal vegetable lasagna with vegetable casseroles or vol au vent. For flexitarians, white wines also go well with light dishes with white meat, seafood and fish or with richer dishes with cream, vegetable or not.

If you prefer red, low-tannin wines go well with tians, grilled vegetable polenta or zucchini risotto. In this little game of palace seduction, the Vaucluse Principality of Orange will have the advantage of pleasing everyone. For more full-bodied and richer dishes with red vegetable gratins or red bean pancakes, we combine the colors and start with an equally full-bodied red. You can offer your guests a red Bordeaux or a Saint-Emilion Grand Cru .

Le Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

22,50 €


For cheeses and desserts: the choice of flavors

For cheese, there are two schools. On the one hand, those who swear by red to accompany cheese and those who prefer a milder white. Well, both sides have their arguments. If a red like a Côtes-du-Rhône goes very well with characterful cheeses, more supple wines like the Vaucluse Principauté d'Orange go well with softer cow's cheeses. As for whites, a glass of dry white Côte-du-Rhône wine will go just as well with cow cheeses. Blue -veined cheeses such as Bleu or Fourme d'Ambert will find a nice balance with sweet white wines such as Côtes-de-Bergerac.

For the dessert(s), if you find the perfect match to accompany the sweet touch, we guarantee that you will finish the meal in style. Sparkling wines will always be part of the party to accompany dishes with light and fruity notes. If you want to accompany a chocolate dessert with red, you can absolutely keep your main course wine longer at the table, everything is allowed as long as the marriage in the mouth is there.

Oé wines for a wedding

Oé takes care of your wedding

Now that you know more about choosing wines, you also need to plan the quantity. We help you choose the right number of bottles according to the number of guests for each dish, from the reception to the dessert. And the good news is that we wrote a special article on the subject. We accompany you in the choice of your wines, we define together your desires, your budget, and we choose the best of our organic wines for your reception and your meal according to the number of guests. Before making your choice, we invite you to taste our wines, and your tasting will be offered to you if you then place an order.

Contact us at hello@oeforgood.com to discuss together and discover our different appellations to be found on our site. See you soon !

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