Rencontre avec l’équipe Delicorner, le partenaire du bonheur pour tous ! 

Meeting with the Delicorner team, the partner of happiness for all!

Do you know Delicorner ? The “gourmet break” that feels good! At Oé, we have been working with the team for several months, and they offer Oé wines. Would you like to discover them? It's this way !

Unicorn team

Can you tell us about Delicorner? 

The Delicorner adventure began in October 2015, on the initiative of Julie Pommellet and Antoine Tran-Huu, fresh graduates from HEC Paris. It was at the end of their end-of-study internship in Berlin, in a start-up where they had self-service access to fresh and dried fruit, snacks and all kinds of drinks, that the idea of ​​implementing this cheerful concept in France came to them.”

How do you choose the products you offer?

“At Delicorner, the variables that take precedence above all in the choice of our products are quality and eco-responsibility. We source products most often from organic farming, from local suppliers and in whom we have full confidence. It is our purchasing team that is constantly looking for new nuggets to integrate into our product range and offer to our customers.”

How to make a gourmet break ecological?

“We think that the break is a particularly important moment in the company to unite the teams, and if this break is ecological and tasty, it's even better! It is with this in mind that we have set up a deposit system for all our jars of dried fruit in order to reduce our waste and that of companies. We have also adopted a delivery by electric vehicle or bicycle so that it is as respectful as possible of our environment. We also greatly favor the short circuit by selecting French products, close to home.”

With what ecological gestures did you start?

“When Delicorner started, we offered organic fruit and dried fruit in returnable jars. We really worked on the notion of “zero waste” from the start and integrated it as best we could into our product range.”

What have you put in place to push the envelope even further? 

“Today, beyond offering an ecological delivery service, we are also committed at the social level by collaborating with actors that correspond to us:

  • The ESAT Vivre autre (93) which allows the professional reintegration of people with disabilities thanks to the manufacture of our jars, sachets, communication media and boxes
  • Change Please , our coffee partner which allows professional reintegration and training in roasting and barista jobs with more than 200 people directly impacted by its action
  • Re-Belle , which makes jams with our unsold or damaged fruit and allows 15 women in professional integration to train and find their way.”

Do you have an anecdote to tell us about the beginnings of Delicorner?

“During the first 6 months of Delicorner, Julie and Antoine had no offices, they used part of the offices of Antoine's father's accounting firm to launch their activity and make their crates . It was quite amusing to observe this discrepancy between the very classy appearance of the premises and the effervescence of the orders that they carried out by hand every morning in the stairwell of the building.”

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