Un mariage simple et intimiste avec Oé

A simple marriage with organic and committed Oé wines

A simple wedding is what many of you choose to celebrate your love. Marriage does not always rhyme with ceremony with great pomp. It can be intimate and simple to set up. And when simplicity rhymes with eco-responsibility , it's even better. Today, we take stock with you of all our tips and advice for organizing a wedding in all simplicity and responsibility , here we go!

1 ) A simple and good wedding for the planet

A traditional marriage is 15 tonnes of CO2 produced on average. If you are concerned about limiting the impact of your ceremony on the environment, there are choices open to you. For the wedding dress , you can call on committed designers who work with fair trade and organic products. Like La Sè v e in Lyon, created by Ophelia who selects her pieces according to their eco-responsibility. For the bride and groom, you can find certified organic linen or wool suits at Samson orBonne gueule .

For a responsible wedding , there are always alternatives and good service providers to put everything in place.

A simple wedding with Oé

The place of reception is also important if we want to limit travel. We recommend a place near you, accessible on foot and close to the place of ceremony, it's even better. For the party and sleeping on site, why not opt ​​for nomadic tents in organic cotton canvas and FSC wood? You can find some at Mon Wedding Camping or Chic Tipi .

For the menu, you can offer a caterer who works with organic, local and seasonal products, who offers vegetarian or vegan menus . A good opportunity to open minds to a new way of eating. Flexitarians will be seduced and to please all palates, caterers such as Comptoir Sauvage , Marza Food or Génarium Framboise are doubling their inventiveness.

And that's not all. For invitations and table names, it is possible to use recycled or seeded paper. For decoration, there are service providers who are adept at recovery and recycling and even wedding rings can be recycled. At Oé, we have more ideas, and we have prepared a special article for you on the providers to choose for your eco-responsible wedding . Dare to shake up traditions!

We give you 8 ideas to put forward for an unforgettable wedding.

2 ) A committed wedding-planner

Between the different service providers to call, the rooms to reserve and the decorations to choose from, there is a lot of work. That's good, the wedding planners are there to help you. Their purpose in life? Make yours easier. They are at your disposal, inventive and very available so that your day is in your image.

When you call on a wedding planner for your wedding, you save time, you stay zen because it is he who takes care of everything and above all you are sure that our desires and our budget will be respected. So if you have simple desires and the idea of ​​organizing a minimalist wedding, he is there to organize everything. Some wedding planners specialize in organizing responsible weddings. They will find you committed service providers who share your values ​​for each stage of the day: menu, decoration, reception. You can call on Sarah Rozan in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region, Ma Vie de Bohème in Paris or My Green Event . 

Do you like the idea of ​​hiring a wedding planner ? We have an article that explains everything about it here!

3) DIY ideas for your wedding

When we think of simplicity , we necessarily think of homemade. Another option open to you is to use all your creativity in DIY ideas for an intimate wedding . With a bit of inventiveness, a lot of salvage and a dash of elbow grease, you can do wonders. You have understood, reuse knows us. All our bottles are committed from A to Z and come from the deposit as much as possible , we are developing zero waste logistics and we sent our first zero waste pallet a few months ago . So, to help you, we have planned some ideas around wine to decorate your wedding just to mark the way.

If you like good organic wine, there are great ideas to put in place for your wedding. Like using corks to make name tags, the perfect rustic touch. You can also use your wine bottles to make your seating plans. All our labels are recycled and recyclable glued with water-soluble glue. They can be removed perfectly with hot water, you can easily change the label to stick a new one with your menu for example.

For more ideas, it's here!

4 ) The wine of honor all in simplicity

The vin d'honneur is the aperitif between the ceremony and the wedding meal. If you are wondering how much to expect in quantity, it takes about 10 pieces per person per hour for a traditional vin d'honneur. For small sweets, we offer 4 or 5 pieces maximum per person. That's for the theory, in practice, it will take a little more if you organize a cocktail party. For drinks, if the stars of the aperitif are the bubbles, like a good Crémant d'Alsace , you can go for more original choices and invite the wines to the party. Corbières , Vaucluse , Côtes-du-Rhône or Bugey will find their places to marry in the mouth with sweet and savory pleasures. Trust your caterer, he will transform the trial for you.

Want to know more about the vin d'honneur? We meet here!

A beautiful and good marriage

5 ) The right quantities and the right pairings

Whether you opt for a cocktail reception or a wine reception followed by a wedding meal , the main thing is to have fun. There is no recipe to follow for a successful marriage. The most important thing is to share this moment of happiness in good company. And to please the guests, it is also necessary to plan its quantities.

If you want to do it without fail, you have to know how to aim straight: too many bottles and half risk remaining closed at the end of the evening, not enough and the guests will not have enough to drink. To go to the simplest, we have made a small list of quantities for a wedding of 50 people:

  • The wine of honor : 17 bottles of crémant or champagne , 5 bottles of strong alcohol such as gin and rum, 10 bottles of soft drinks,
  • Entry : 9 bottles of white wine or rosé wine ,
  • The main course : 25 bottles of red wine or 17 bottles of white wine ,
  • Cheese : 9 bottles of red wine or fruity white wine of your choice,
  • The dessert : 9 bottles of crémant or champagne.

So, in practice, of course, you have to adapt to several situations. Ask the right questions like knowing which guests drink little or no alcohol, what the wedding menu will be and which wine best suits the dishes.

For every question, a solution:

A committed marriage

6 ) Oé wines

Inevitably, when we talk about simple and responsible marriage, the choice of wines is the subject to put on the table. For a simple and environmentally friendly wedding, our wines are perfect for the occasion . At Oé , we advocate sustainable viticulture and a reasonable and benevolent way of consuming . All our wines are organic, vegan and zero pesticides. We work with certified organic winegrowers who are committed every day to producing wine that is good for you and good for the planet. In organic viticulture , winegrowers use biodiversity to nourish and protect the vines, no pesticides, only nature and the terroir.

And as far as the terroir is concerned, we also know how to put it forward. We offer organic wines for every budget and from different regions. Whatever your tastes and the region of your wedding, we have a wine for you: Côtes-du-Rhône , Languedoc , Bordeaux or the Mediterranean , you have the choice. From the reception to the dessert, our Crémant , our Saint-Emilion Grand Cru or our Châteauneuf-du-Pape are there to spend the evening at your table. Our mission is to do good with good. As for the good, you know our commitments for biodiversity . And when it comes to good, trust us. With Valérie, our oenologist, we select the best nuggets from our beautiful wine regions.

We hope we have given you some good ideas to organize the wedding that suits you. On our side, we are happy to accompany you in the choice of your wines, define together your desires and your budget. Before making your choice, we invite you to taste our wines, and your tasting will be offered to you if you then place an order. Contact us at hello@oeforgood.com to discuss together and discover our different appellations to be found on our site. See you soon !

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