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The good: making taste our mission

As we like to take care of our customers as well as the planet, we are explaining to you today an important facet of our mission: to do right by doing good. Do you know our missions to do right ? We push the envelope ever further to promote responsible agriculture that respects the planet. And when it comes to good, trust us, we've got your palates covered. We shake the bunch to offer you good wine and we work hand in hand with the Oé winegrowers so that each sip of organic wine is a unique moment of pleasure for your taste buds. Making taste our mission: we explain everything to you in this article. Are you ready?


Our organic wines, better for your health...

The vine is 4% of agriculture and 20% of pesticides and the grape is the most pesticide-ridden fruit on earth. In the team, we want to change that! The good news is that it is possible to produce delicious wine without chemicals with the help of biodiversity.

Organic wine is better for our health and for the environment. When you uncork your Oé bottle, you taste good 100% organic and vegan wine produced by winegrowers who love their terroir and who promote biodiversity in their vines. A bottle of Oé wine is also an unwavering commitment to doing good. We have been labeled B Corp since 2017 and we have been a company with a mission since this year. Concretely, what does this mean for us? Our mission is to promote sustainable viticulture and a benevolent way of consuming. We have put in place the deposit for the wine market in France, we support our winegrowers in their committed projects, we are working on zero waste logistics and many other subjects.

Good and organic wine

All of this is what we do for the planet. But what do we do for you? We produce organic wine without pesticides and we limit the presence of sulphites in our cuvées. In conventional wines, too much sulphites can cause headaches. Rest assured, organic wines and Oé wines have a very low level of authorized sulphites. By the way, have you been told that the level of sulphites in our wines brings us closer to biodynamic wines than to organic labels? We are very proud of it. And if you have trouble differentiating between biodynamic and organic wine, we tell you more in this article on the subject!

One apple a day keep the doctor away ” according to the famous proverb. Come on, let's get started on our side with the game of quotations, "who eats and drinks grapes, fears nothing." Fruit gives us the energy, that's for sure, and it's even better when it's organic and zero pesticides. Health is sacred. Our winegrowers do not use any phytosanitary products and only add natural inputs during vinification. We will always do more to preserve your well-being.

And if you want to know more about the effects of organic wine on health, see you here!

...and tastes better!

When we talk about the good, you can trust us, each cuvée of Oé wine is designed to be a real pleasure in the mouth. It is Valérie, our oenologist who is in charge of selecting the wines. Thanks to her developed palate, she works with the winegrowers to offer you the best wines. And you are the first to let us know. Our best jury is you! So thank you 🤗

Organic wine is on the rise and is gaining in popularity every year. More and more organic wines are awarded and are at the top of the rankings every year.

Today, great wines of world renown come from organic viticulture and biodynamics. The best example is the Domaine de la Romanée-Conti in Burgundy and its wines which sell for several thousand euros. What to make everyone agree!

But then, is an organic wine better than a traditional wine? You've probably already asked yourself this question and that's good, French and American economists have tried to answer it. That's how a study published in The Journal of Wine Economicsin 2016 showed that out of 74,000 Californian wines, organic wines received an average of 4 points more than conventional wines. Not bad, right?

Organic wine is on the rise

Ah California, the sun, the palm trees, the Coppola vines... all that makes you dream. And in France, what do we have? A study by the Kedge Business School conducted a similar study in 2016 and demonstrated that AB certified wines are on average rated higher than traditional wines. To leave no room for doubt, the study was carried out on 128,000 French wines produced from 1995 to 2015, and evaluated by three renowned wine guides: Gault & Millau , Gilbert & Gaillard and Bettane Desseauve. This study is pretty serious, don't you think?

Nothing seems to stop organic wine, the area cultivated for organic increases every year. And that's thanks to you, lovers of good wine. According to a study by OpinionWay, more than half of French people like organic wine and would like more choice on the market. Organic is also an important purchase criterion for wine for half of young people. And cocorico, French organic wine also charms palates outside our beautiful country! Of all the French organic wines released in 2018, 43% were tasted abroad. And that is rather encouraging, as dear Gandalf, the guide of the community of the ring, would say.

What guides us at Oé is you. To meet consumer demand, large retailers are moving closer and closer to the organic market. At Oé, we wondered about the relevance of having our wines on the mass distribution market. We said to ourselves that to promote and democratize the taste of good organic wine, we had to come and meet you, at the place of consumption of most French people. We therefore developed the “le bien par le bon” range . A great way for us to be on everyone's tables!

The good by the good

Why would organic wines taste better?

Winegrowers in organic viticulture work in harmony with nature and use biodiversity to help them in their tasks. This is the philosophy of our Oé winegrowers: to have good quality grapes, you have to respect them. Crop auxiliaries and insectivorous birds regulate the presence of parasites, hedges play a protective role for the vines, the diversity of plants and organisms allow the nutrient elements that the vine needs to circulate.

Let's make a game. Imagine tasting a good, well-matured cheese produced by hand and compare it with a slice of cheese sliced ​​in plastic, it's day and night, isn't it? The less chemical and chain-produced a product is, the better the taste.

By getting used to the real flavors of things, you get a taste for them. A good glass of natural wine, for example, is very far from the taste of a conventional wine. Organic and natural wines are like a beautiful photo taken with a beautiful camera, without filters, without additions, sincere, just beauty in its raw state. We let you try and let us know!


At where we are proud of our organic wines

At Oé, we put the terroirs and grape varieties of our beautiful regions in the spotlight. We do everything so that the typicity and history of the vineyard are revealed at the first sip and so that the pleasure is immediate in the mouth.

To give you an opinion, we let you discover our selection of organic red wine, organic rosé wine and organic white wine. A good tasting with friends around Côtes- du -Rhône, Corbières, Bordeaux or Languedoc, these are the ingredients for a successful evening.

Each of our wines are distinguished by their originality. It is Valérie, our oenologist who takes care of finding our rare pearls. The Vaucluse Principality of Orange, for example, is distinguished by its great simplicity and gentleness. And what about Châteauneuf-du-pape, a prestigious appellation and the first AOC in France. It is one of the greatest French vintages and knows perfectly how to charm fine gourmets with its beautiful ruby ​​red color and its nose with aromas of red fruits. This year, we also released our new bottle of Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, an exceptional wine to be enjoyed on special occasions.

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What to taste with good organic wine

As a pleasure is never accompanied alone, we give you advice on food and wine pairings. And yes, you have to know how to vary the tastes to appreciate all their subtleties. A good gratin of seasonal vegetables associated with our Châteauneuf-du-Pape, would you like it? Are you more into rosé wine and white wine ? No problem, we have a hummus recipe specially designed for you here!

Discover all our recipe ideas on the blog. For those with a sweet tooth, you can discover some of them here. To your stoves:

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