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Oé launches Oé mini: all of Oé's commitments, concentrated in a mini format

Oh! Today we are delighted to unveil a new Oé product. The team is very excited, the first people we were able to show it to already love it. We thought about all those moments when you don't necessarily want to open a whole bottle, those moments of picnics, romantic dinners, or even chill evenings in front of a good movie. And we decided to re-enchant these moments with Oé mini : all of Oé's commitments, concentrated in a marvelous 25cl format.

Oh mini

So good and so mini: drinking less and better has never been so pleasant.

Reinventing the bottle format: tasting less and better

Even in mini format, the wines are always organic, vegan, pesticide-free and products hand in hand with committed winegrowers : the Oé winegrowers . Its small size makes it easy, practical and light to take away , perfect for sharing and allows you to test a reference before ordering the Oé for your meals in larger groups. Do not hesitate to give us your opinion on the Oé mini at .

The mini oé in your restaurant near you

Hotels, restaurants, grocery stores: do you want to list Oé mini? It's here !

Our commitment ?

  • Re-enchant mini-bars in B&Bs and hotels
  • Enhance take-out meals and home delivery from restaurants
  • Pimp your moments in a small committee

The Oé mini on sale on our website for the summer!

Go one step further

We find in the mini Oé all the commitments of Oé, concentrated in a mini format of 25cl. Committed to less and better consumption, not to push to open a 75cl bottle when you just want a glass to share, and to drink good and organic. And above all to offer as many people as possible the pleasure of opening a bottle to enjoy a good glass of wine.


They trust us

We have had an excellent reception for this mini format, already chosen by the Suites & Hotel Helzear in Paris , the Coffee Berlin in Lyon, caterers Sofy's and Co. and Poirier House in Paris, the hotels Golden Tulip Lyon , hotels Kyriad Prestige and Ade Fabrik in preview !

Would you like to see the Oé minis in your hotel, in your favorite grocery store or restaurant? Write to us at and talk to them! In the meantime, we invite you to discover all the Oé mini partner outlets here 😉

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Oh mini

To find out more about Oé and our partners, we invite you to visit our blog!

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